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Utility Complaints and reviews

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Utility Service Industry is made up by companies who are responsible for such areas as high voltage systems, maintenance, steam systems, hot and cold running water, central heating, telecommunication services and sewage systems. These companies are as well responsible for billing customers for the used services, however there are separate bodies who charge customers for the utilities. Usually ... Show more
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We live out in the country in South Carolina and are forced to use propane heat for our home. 16 years ago it was much cheaper than electric during the winter, and we understand that fuel prices have gone up - but this company is just terrible about regularly filling up our tank. They show up once every 3 months... well... only when I call because they let the tank run out of gas every 3 months...

For the past several months Plymouth Rock Energy has been charging 3X as much as PSE&G for electricity. I have spent hours on hold trying to talk to them but no one answers. I have sent e-mails which only get canned replies. I have cancelled this service (but had to wait 60 days for PSE&G to resume as provider). During this time, I have been charged 3X what PSE&G would have...
Merritt Island, Florida

Back in Nov 2013 I contacted FPL 3 times to come out and address melted wires from the pole to the house. This house was a foreclosure. They sent out two crews who couldn't find the problem even though it was clearly visible by myself and my inspector who have no electrical training. The 110 wire had fused itself to the ground wire and the insulation around the wires was melted in several spots....
Savage, Maryland

I am enrolled in BGE Budget Billing. Direct Energy came knocking at my door to sell me what they said could make my bill lower. I had no idea they charge you on top on the BGE budget billing ultimately making my bill higher. :( Upon reviewing my BGE bill I was charged.... - Budget Billing $91.00 *PLUS* - Direct Energy Svc LLC $53.67 - Direct Energy SVC LLC $44.47 Making my total bill $189.14 ...

They don't show up when they say they will, every propane delivery requires several phone calls before they actually show up, they promise 5 days (yes you read that right), it's ridiculous and outrageous, but even then they did not show up in the 5 day period promised. They are very rude, ignorant, and couldn't care less about customer service. They also have really really bad invoicing...
Newark, New Jersey

My electricity rate per KWH went from 0.0877 to 0.164 from January to March. That's almost double. I find this kind of predatory pricing disgusting, and I'd love to see this company investigated. I see other complaint sites where consumers have mentioned them, and I also see what are thinly disguised phony "positive" replies from either employees or shareholders of the company. I predict that...
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Same experience as Susan. Horrible customer service. Very disrespectful, rude, and impatient. They are you're only choice for gas service so what can you do? nothing! and they know this! They take the extra step to make your life miserable and make sure you stay that way. They use unknown caller IDs which will make a lot of phones not ring when they're calling. They let the phone ring ones and...

How is it legal for Entergy to charge a fuel surcharge that they is additional cost they are having to pay to generate electricity? I thought the bill I was paying covered the cost of electricity. I have family members living 2 miles away who have Slemco and I know they are not paying a surcharge. On my last bill, the surcharge was the same amount as the monthly charge. I call BS and believe...
Canton, Ohio

The 7KW Generator bought through Home Depot and installed by one of their contractors needs a new controller card every 2 months. Also, Home Depot subcontracts installation to a subcontractor that subcontracts to another subcontractor that installed the generator with too small of a Natural Gas hose that doesn't get enough gas when trying to start. The subcontracted repair *** is an old man that...
Sacramento, California

Salesman misrepresented the service offered/total cost. Neglected to mention that you still pay the PG&E charge for using their gas delivery system. This charge is built into PG&E's total cost--delivery system plus cost of gas. Essentially, PG&E buys gas at "market prices" which are lower than the .69/therm offered by accent gas (IGS). By the time you realize this with an increased...
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