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USPS is a American government agency. USPS is an abbreviation that stands for United States Postal Service. This government agency offers first class and domestic mail, and a number of logistics services. United States Postal Service delivers letters, parcels, and other cargo by a means of long life and flex fuel vehicles made by Chevrolet and Ford. Logo of United States Postal Service is well ... Show more
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San Francisco, California

I would like to bring to your attention the USPS post office supervisor Shirley Young at 150 Sutter Street, in San Francisco, CA 94108. Also please pay attention to all the reviews that she and her USPS office has online on www.yelp.com. They are tons of unhappy customers. I do not ever write bad review or even write real letter to begin with about bad customer experience but this truly deserves...
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The mailman delivered everybody mail to the wrong house. Majority of the time we don't even get mail because it's no one to do this route. I called the local post office & the customer service was awful. I see why a lot of people do fraudulently things with people accounts because the mail person(s) delivers the right mail in the wrong mailboxes. I'm tired of calling that post office to be...

I have been patiently waiting for a package to be delivered that was forwarded to my new address. We are now going on week 3. I only moved 20 minutes away. I am still waiting for my follow up call to be returned from consumer affairs. Apparently when I called again to follow up, AGAIN- they considered it RESOLVED! Guess what, I still do not have any updates from the USPS, and I do not have my...
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

I sent a package from NC to CA. There post office employee entered the wrong zip code for tracking purposes. The result is that the package has been "looping" through every postal code in Los Angeles except the right one. I have called the Customer Care Center in LA four times, and spent hours on the phone. Each tell they tell me something different and do nothing. They are in my humble opinion,...
Western Springs, Illinois

This evening, 4/10/14, at about 9:00 p.m., after 12 hours of work, I took my car out of the parking lot and wanted to park it in front of my building at 29 S. LaSalle Street in Chicago (60603). When I drove to the front of the building, there was an empty parking space, but the FedEx van was double parked in front of the space with its flashing lights, blocking the north lane on LaSalle Street. ...
Troy, Illinois

Bonnie Porter is the worst Post Master I have ever encountered and I was once a Post Master so I know how it should be done. Very rude, incompetent, yells over the customer and does not have mail delivered properly. She held live baby chicks for 2 days...do you think they survived? Called her, and she was completely rude and uncaring. I am not the first unhappy customer or employee. She is...
Dade City North, Florida

A very important document was supposed to be delivered on March 13th (2 bussines days) to my address in Miami, the package came in to their sorting location in Opa Locka, Fl, and by "mistake" they sent it to California. I went to the office in Opa Locka ( not the sorting location, just personnal have access) i opened a Case with USPS an "investigator" called me once, and I called in several...
Los Angeles, California

Per tracking, a package that was sent to me from NJ was delivered on the 10th. On the 14th I created a ticket advising I had not received. Finally, the AV postal supervisor sent me an email on the 18th advising it would be delivered. Alas it was not delivered. I called on the 19th and Debbie, AV, post office advised she would check with the delivery person to see where it was. HMMMM....no...
Millersville, Maryland

Good Morning, I have experienced problems with the delivery of my mail at my home. This problem started in February of 2014. I feel that the letter carrier is taking in upon himself and redirecting or forwarding my mail. I am looking into filing a lawsuit with an attorney due to my mail possibly being discard or lost by the said letter carrier. If my mail is not delivered then where is he taking...
San Jose, California

I have had more than enough times where USPS lost mail or somehow it got hung up in the system. What really frustrates me is that USPS complains they are under budgeted but their services have consistently been poor and whenever possible I go with another carrier. I had to send an amended tax return, this is important. I assumed that as I sent priority it was delivered, but I got a notice when...
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