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Travel Agencies Complaints and reviews

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When you decide to travel, you have to consider how much you’re planning to spend, whether to book an inexpensive room or a luxury five star hotel, and which transfer to select additionally to dinner seating, shore excursions and hotel location - all these concerns you should keep in mind. A good travel agency will be an invaluable helper for you during your travel planning. Don't let the ... Show more
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London, England

Like many of you . I was original cv holder. We cruised a couple of years ago and were really enthusiastic about cm. We found the concept excellent . Bucket shop cruises. The beauty being with the forward buying power of cm wholesale pricing , and cruise liners throwing in. Free upgrades , free cabins on block bookings . We were able to secure low cost deals by buying particular cabins classes...
Miami Beach, Florida

I hosted 2 group of people, and they both cancelled because i did not let them smoke *** (marihuana) inside my apartment. Then one group stayed for a night and then broke my office table, made a mess on my bathroom and kitchen, they took pictures so they can have a proof to show Airbnb in order to get the money back from the reservation. I was supposed to receive some money when the canceling...
Sarasota, Fl

My wife and I wanted to visit Sarasota overnight, and to bring our dog, We searched Expedia for hotels/motels that accepted dogs and settled on Hyatt Place, which came up when we set pet-friendly as a selection criterion. We checked all the terms & conditions and hotel policies, and the only reference to pets under hotel policies/pets was that we were limited to a small dog. We booked and...
Bethpage, New York

expedia described the howard johnson hotel as clean, safe area etc the picture on their website showed a hotel out in an open sunny spot. NOT NOT NOT it was in a disgusting industrial area, between2 larger buildings. had to step into a pit filled with water to get to the room! expedia should be ashamed, they are liars, they do not check out the hotels THEY R IN IT FOR THE MONEY I FILED A...
Baku, Baku

Here is the correspondence-- terrible English, question unanswered. If they sell tickets to a destination, the least they could do would be to allow people who LIVE in that place buy a ticket home! Unbelievable! No other search engine I have ever seen decides if you can buy a ticket or not, solely based on where you live. Haelayang, Apr 11 23:14: The following user has just sent a contact...
Commerce, California

I purchased a flight through priceline with the cancellation protection plan incase the business trip got cancelled. Sure enough, the trip was cancelled. Contacted the insurance company priceline advertises on their site for the cancellation plan and was told that a business trip cancellation was not a good enough reason for the cancellation and that the claim would be denied. In other...
Irving, Texas

I have been buying Allianz travel insurance for years. I have had a few incidents over the last couple of years and decided to submit a number of claims. On one claim, after waiting a very long time, I was told that I was approved for an amount that was less than 100%. When I called to inquire, I could not get through the customer service hold time on multiple ocasions. Yet to recieve the...
New York City, New York

This will be somewhat long but if anyone reading this is going to use it to base their decision to book with Expedia please be patient. The first thing I want to say is that I'm someone who travels a fair amount of time. I consider that taking at least 3 trips a year through flight to both domestic and international locations. I've been doing this since 2010. I have booked all of my flights...
Dallas, Texas

These people scammed my wife & I. We went to Tyler the place was horrible. Rude & aggresive sales people trying to scam you out of your money. $15000 to stay one week out of the year at one of their crappy resorts & their $40 gift card they gave us has been declined everywhere. You've been warned stay away from them giving away the free car in the mall or giving away a free trip at a...
Charleston, South Carolina

These PREDATORS lure you in with free attraction tickets. They all work together beginning at the tourist information center, BEWARE, it is not an official SC run office. They suck you in with lies, false promises of awesome deals on hotels and resorts. Mike Dulaney will show you a BBB A+ rating, which is really D-, claim you will get dining discounts, event ticket discount & other local...
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