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Not many people can imagine a world and their everyday activity without telephones. They have become a fundamental part of our lives. Telephone communications have advanced to a degree of sophistication few people could've ever imagined. Telemarketing, voice mail, conference calling, email and fax machines have all added to this revolution. Cable phones are being rapidly replaced by wireless ... Show more
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Delta, British Columbia

My son got involved with this scam through friends and is totally brainwashed into their quick profit MLM scheme which to this day has not paid off a cent for him. I transferred my land line service to support him anyway and as I have suspected, the service and support is totally inadequate and full of false promises. First off they promised they would save me at least 30% off my current phone...
Charters Settlement, New Brunswick

I just received a collections notice from the company Bell sold our file to. Says that in 2010 we did or return our equipment. The first thing I have to say is the person who owned that account was in Afghanistan and unable to cancel the service really and second since then we have had Bell services and they have mentioned nothing. They have also had our current phone number and address and never...
Brisbane, Queensland

A failure to supply service, a failure to address failures, a failure to even reply to letters. Over a period of time I had repeated failures of service for often prolonged periods. Despite making complaints and following up on these ACN could take weeks to repair problems and despite repeated assurances would not even offer me the courtesy of informing me when I was back on line. These failures...
Denver, Colorado

The service for my landline telephone was horrible during the 6 months I used CenturyLink. I was billed inconsistent amounts monthly, a third party billed me as well on my long distance account which I never authorized and it was impossible to get the third party's number, the representatives did nothing but lie continuously, and the supervisors were pointless to speak with regarding the issues...
Cedar Park, Texas

i purchased the ooma service when it first came out. they promised free long distance service when you purchased the pricey unit. i then upgraded to the ooma premier at a substantial additional cost, followed by an upgrade to ooma telo at another substantial cost. i was fairly happy until august of 2013 when i returned from a vacation to find my electronics had been toasted by a lightning strike....
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Thank you for choosing AT&T. A representative will be with you shortly. You are now chatting with Amy. Amy: Hello my name is Amy. Thank you for allowing me to be your specialist today. How may I assist you? linda: I was overcharged on my Mar 2, 1 Amy: I can help you with that! linda: 2014 bill when I have International Basic Rate plan, one rate nationwide calling 1 My monthly rate as quoted...

Ordered 3 for family members. Called back and no answer at customer service to do a return. I visited my local post office. I was told by the post office to return the item unopened and to write "refused" on it. Once they got it back they should have known to credit my account. This never happened. I continued to try to get customer service, no luck. In short they stole over $300.00 in total...
West Palm Beach, Florida

Received a call at my business from someone claiming to be AT&T. They said they sent me a notice with my previous bill about how they were switching all small businesses over to this service to save on long distance. I found it to be fishy, so I kept asking the guy and he reassured me that he was from AT&T ON MULTIPLE OCCASSIONS and this was legit. I answered a few yes or no questions. ...
Boise, Idaho

signed up for ACN service and used it about 6 months. Charges were charged to our company debit card. When we decided to cancel there wasn't anything in the literature about how to do it. The rep we signed up with had gone on to other things and had no information for us. We tried calling the number on the bank transactions but I only had links to update credit card number and no way to talk...
Michigan City, Indiana

Years ago I subscribed to magic jack when you had to leave your computer on. Worked fairly well for long distant calls. Not convenient for incoming calls and I was not going to rely on it. Also found It was only as good as my internet service. I finally stopped using it. Time went by and streaming videos became popular and at busy times of the day the videos were garbled and impossible. I...
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