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Supermarkets and Malls Complaints and reviews

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For some people store is like a paradise. A store is a retail establishment selling items to citizens. There are different types of stores: department stores, shops, retail outlets, boutiques, chain stores, emporiums, supermarkets, superstores and megastores. Shopping is a unique way to spend time. And it is all not about things you buy, but about the mood and the feeling of pleasure these ... Show more
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Jackson, Mississippi

I was in the Dollar General on Hwy 80 in Pearl, MS. There was a person there that did not work for DG doing some work, I believe they call these people outside vendors. The manager came over to her and started talking really loud and telling her that she had better not touch anything without checking with ONLY her ever again. This person did not have any product or boxes or anything it looked...
San Diego, California

Purchased a lawn mower to keep my japanese garden looking good. There was a bag that was attached to it, but it had a tear in it that i didnt see. and what do you know? The grass and weeds blew right into my koi pond, killing the main male fish, which for years I breeded! I contacted Walmart, and they laughed at my face and didnt even apologize for my poor dead fish. I dont want a refund. Just...
Chicago, Illinois

I placed another order with them online because i obviously didnt learn my lesson the first time. They delievered the wrong color sofa and i am still waiting for them to pick it up! Its been 4 days the thing is huge and in the living room taking up space. I called and both times they offered no real help and said i would have to place the order over because they wont exchange and give me what i...
Warner Robins, Georgia

I was shopping at The Home Depot in Warner Robins, GA today (4/14/14) and I witnessed an associate be rude and very mean to another associate. His name is Jordan Cruz, he was disrespecting another (female) associate, whose name I did not get. This is not the first time I have seen him talk badly about other associates, especially ones who take great care of my family or myself when we come in...
Rusk, Texas

I am parked at walmart and a employee walks pushing a buggy in the front of my car and hits it hard with the buggy, while I sat in the car and watch with disbelief. I got out of the car and ask do u disrespect every one car parked like that he just looks at me ***. I did go inside and reported it to the manager which told me if she talks to the employee he won't listen to her . I then reported it...
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

DO NOT SHOP AT MENARDS ... CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS NOT THE COMPANY'S GOAL ... LIKE THEY CLAIM ON THE CORPORATE PHONE RECORDING. We purchased singles at 7 p.m. on a Saturday for $21.98 a bundle from the Menards on the south side of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, which also happens to be an hour from our house. I opened the paper the next morning to see that the shingles were on sale for $19.99 plus a $5...
Davenport, Iowa

I was at my local walmart and was approached by an associate and the said that they definitely needed to check my receipt I was wearing dirty pants from working in my yard and had my tattoos showing the 4 customers in front of me did not get checked. My money was good there just not my looks I feel like getting an attorney and trying to stop this from happening to anyone else. By the way I'm a...
San Francisco, California

Macy's credit card took advantage of my 86 years old mother by "helping' her to applies for credit card in San Francisco. Her only income is SSI, she never have cc. How Macy's can approved her cc? So this smells like a giant scam. She bought something for $72 in summer 2013, and her bill was $252 in Feb. 3014. She does not speak English language. I only just recently found out she had it at...
Columbus, Ohio

I am really disappointed in my Sears Craftsman power washer. I bought it 2 years ago. I've used it less than 10 times. I hookup water and go to start it and the pump freezes up to where you can barely pull the starter cord. After I unhook everything and wait 15 minutes I go and try to start it and the engine starts. So I know it's in the pump. I'm really disappointed in this product. All...
Rocky Ford, Colorado

5 people in line and the cashier yells to the other work by her bane, the other worker doesn't answer so the cashier yells her name again. So the other work finally answers as she approaches the check out with a attitude..."WHAT?" Then proceeds to her register saying...I can help who's next. Not 4 of us would even go t her check out! Where do you get these rude people from? Doesn't your...
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