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There is a number of definitions of the word «storage». It could be an action or method of storing something for future use; the retention of retrievable data on a computer or other electronic system or memory; or some space available for storing something, especially allocated space in a warehouse. Goods and other merchandise can be also stored in other storage facilities than a warehouse. ... Show more
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Queens, New York

Could not get quote and no one was willing to help. On line says they will give you a quote, but that is only to get you email address and phone number. Then then give you a quote number to call some *** on the phone who does not understand how to give the quote WILL NEVER DO BUSSiNESS WITH PODS EVER!!! WILL NEVER DO BUSSiNESS WITH PODS EVER!!! WILL NEVER DO BUSSiNESS WITH PODS EVER!!! WILL NEVER...
Livonia, Michigan

I rented a storage unit because they advertise a $50.00 reduced fee to any one that refers you...They admit that they screwed up when the first month, then the second month, they did NOT do that! BUT said they cannot issue a refund or the $50.00...well because they just can't! I moved out after giving plenty of notice. Was told maybe..just maybe their would be a refund. But so-called upper...
Racine, Wisconsin

Dear, Consumers / STORAGE MASTERS/ bad business BEWARE, don’t go for the advertisement of savings at Storage Master. You might save up front but you will pay later. They advertise that you will get the first month free, but at signing tell you they are no longer honoring that because they are full. So that means they pulled in enough customers and obviously don’t feel that it’s their...

Rented a unit for 8 years. Originally used my locks to secure unit (unit has two doors). In writing the contract states the occupant must supply locks. An Addendum also states "occupant will consider securing the unit with a disk-type padlock as recommended by Management". At first I had a disk-type padlock on one door and a non disk-type on the other door. We had switched from another...

I ordered two large boxes of apples from a company in New York. They held the shipment until the weather improved and sent them when they felt it was safe. Both boxes arrived yesterday 2-24-14 completely frozen. I was at the door when they arrived so they did not sit in my doorstep and the apple company sent them when it was safe to do so from there. They sat in a truck in the cold and froze....
Santa Ana, California

to all of you out there dont rent at cubesmart they are a joke i got robbed last month $8000 k of my valuables report it to santa ana police dep .. wen this happend you dont get help from managment their INS GREAT AMERICAN INS >will make it harder to get your money back they will need a receipts for every item was taking they don answer your calls or e.mails this little lady manager of...

Public Storage will charge you $20 to make a payment over the phone. They claim that this is what the bank charges them! Ooops - I work for a bank so that story doesn't work. They have come up with a number of ways to avoid answering their customer 'service' line - no wonder, since they have a bunch of morons working there. One person laughed at me and said it wasn't possible for my drivers...
Stafford, Texas

Received call from Uncle Bobs Storage saying my unit was unlocked. I showed up and the lock was locked but the skidding lock on unit was in unlocked position. Found $800 of tools missing. Within 3 days i can to move my things out....and found my unit unlocked AGAIN IN THE EXACT SAME POSITION. They didn't notice it, yet they have knowledge that it involved an employee. They claimed to have gotten...

approx sept 27th 3013 i went to eagan to the public storage where i rented a unit and was told i had to get insurance from them and $1.00 one dollar first month,for the next 2 months i've had rude disrespectful phone calls from employees on holidays telling me that if i didnt get payment in they'd charge me this was thanksgiving while having dinner,they public storage didnt give any access codes...
Wyoming, Michigan

Eviction notice fine all my stuff out then year later call collection agency rosenthall and associates never sign do business extra space storage public storage goto packrats.com avoid all storage co all together waste time money fees jack off pay administration fee first months rent *** extra space there gonna all get merked gate gonna be 15 billion pieces all front grills gonna be *** up ***...
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