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Sport is people’s competitive and entertaining activity organized by some set of rules. It consists in comparing their physical and intellectual abilities. Sports activity is provided with the purpose of competition, training and preparation for the competition combined with rest, aspiration of progressive health and skills improving, getting moral satisfaction by sports results; desire of ... Show more
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Skate Tek Electric Skateboards-I placed an order for a product, They charged me full price when they didn't even ship my product! They wont ship your product but will charge you full price email me before buying from this guy! redventure@mac.com Thank You, Ray Skate Tek Electric Skateboards-I placed an order for a product, They charged me full price when they didn't even ship my product! They...
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I ordered clubs from RB and i wonder how they got their name as i would change it to under a ROCK BOTTOM...My wife ordered clubs to arrive on my b-day with addtional shipping of $35.00 guranteed.. They didnt show and the next day i called and told them and they blaimed UPS (not my problem i pd u not UPS) so i cancelled the order. I was told that i needed to ship them back or refuse the order when...

I ordered a skateboard deck for my son on March 5, 2014. Have yet to receive boards. Called the number listed on my Visa statement for the company and it went straight to voicemail. Their website has also been taken down. Do not order from them. It's a scam! Am working with my credit card company to dispute the charge. Hopefully they can do something and I can get my money back. The company...
Berkeley, Ca

The President, Dan Robinson, who has been the lowest on the soccer totem pole in the league and manipulated many to become the president decided to hire someone to fight his battles for him. He does not have control of the new hire who has taken the essence of the soccer club to pieces and only given a lot of lip service and false promises. The quality of soccer, communication and respect of the...

Ordered a board, had no shipping info. Called to find out when would be shipped, said is being "custom made". Weeks later, still no board. Called numerous times...no answer...and was unable to leave voicemail a few times. Finally texted and threatened to contact paypal...finally picked up. After, finally answering and said should have been shipped, and will call me back with in the half...
Elmhurst, Illinois

I ordered hockey jersey numbers and letters from this company on January 31, 2014. I received the order on April 7, 2014. Nothing was in the font that I ordered. I wanted Vancouver Canucks lettering and they sent me plain generic block lettering. The Canucks have an unusual type style, and Eastern offers it as a choice on their order form. If I use what they sent me my jersey will not look right...
Saint Louis, Missouri

I began using Painless Pumps on 03/31/2014. My bicep measured 18 1/2. After massaging 6 CCs in nice and deep for 5 days I hit a whopping 20 inches !!. This stuff is AMAZING. You can rest assured I am in no way an employee or paid advertiser for this company, just a satisfied customer and now a will be a long time user of this product. The only "pain" is the pump I got after training my arms....
Providence, Rhode Island

Solo Flex produced thousands of high end 2000 dollar exercise work stations back in the 1980's to present. The system used flexible bands, the company policy always replaced the bands if split or worn, no questions asked,it was a life time warranty that mysteriously changed over the years from 6 yrs>2 yrs>1 yr > 6 months and now you pay for all replacement bands that have skyrocketed...
Centreville, Virginia

I'll never buy another piece of equipment from them. My first shipment arrived incredibly damaged. I refused delivery. About 2 weeks later, I called ICON Fitness about this. Notice I said I called them. They didn't even bother to contact me about reshipping for 2 weeks. I spoke with a rep and during the conversation she stated they had this problem with this shipper frequently. HELLO. Why do you...
London, England

The speaker covers on a Nordic track treadmill have rusted less than 1 year after buying it. However you can't replace the covers alone, the whole console would need to be replaced. Customer services aren't interested in sorting this out under the warranty stating that the rust has been caused by a sauna or shower which invalidates the warranty. They have made no attempt to actually assess what...
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