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Computer Software is important part of user`s computer experience. In todays world, when hardware becomes a commodity produced in mass, it is Software that makes a difference between success or failure of the product. Success of many recent initiatives in Hardware world is largely attributed to the success of the software platform: IPad, Android to name a few.
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Toronto, Ontario

14 days in to the subscription and the software produced NOTHING. Not a single data dump, nothing at all to report. They have pre-programmed excuses, and will tell you they've sent a push data notice from their server, or they'll have the developer look in to this and get back to you... As far as I can tell, the developer is playing WOW or Call of Duty, or his parents have grounded him. I have...

Video Pad keeps crashing and very very slow. Need to shut down PC to recover. Checked all my drivers and computer bugs, all is fine. Tried other video editors, Adobe, Corel even the free AVS all work fine. This Video Pad is a nasty piece of work of trouble and not worth trying. Got no help from Video Pad (NCH) or refund. Because I did not pay for the Premium service deal, mind you to fix the...
Tampa, Florida

I purchased this email in rebate free crapy fort ware which is no better than the powerpoint slides. After 5 months, they told me that your rebate is not eligible although I got an email saying that your rebate is eligible. Stay away with this unethical software developer unless you want to get ripped off!!! Before you but any products from this developer, better check the reviews, they do lots...
Madison, Wisconsin

I got a call from these yahoo's and they stated that my PC was infected with a virus and that it was sending them data. I've been in IT for 15+ years so I immediately knew this was bunk. However I wanted to see what they were up to so I played dumb. First they had me go to the Event Viewer to see how "Red X's" I have. I had 95 and they were flabbergasted! Next they wanted to remote into my PC so...
Middleburg, Florida

I was charged $179.99 from services that I DID NOT ask for nor received by AVAST Software Co. They have refused to refund my money to credit card. I have file a dispute with my card holder, they removed it from my card, but AVAST Software reapplied back on my card two months later. I was told by Customer Service Rep. in the Billing Dept. at AVAST to more less KISS OFF that they were not going to...

Pass4Sure is a scam company. I paid over $200 for Linux+ study materials and received very few study materials along with a study guide for the completely wrong exam. I contacted them several times regarding the surprising lack of content for $200+ dollars and the fact that I received the incorrect study guide. Their "support staff" either does not understand english very well or did not want to...
San Diego, California

if you find your self in the same situation as me do what i did ............ report them to the fbi internet crime dept ............... http://www.fbi.gov/scams-safety/fraud/internet_fraud/internet_fraud dont let them get away with it......... if enough people complain they might get them :/............ they also use this site...........
New York City, New York

I first saw their offer under techsupply to sell windows 7...when i paid for the first one, they later told me that i have to download...then i cancelled and bought another one that i could download...from $70.00 to 65... when it came time to download, it was not possible...and suddenly they offered a refund for both items...i am yet to see the money... lasquisha...and howard deceived...

We did a bunch of tests only to find out that I had a virus. He told me that it was going to take 1-2 hours and he would have to transfer me. He said there was a charge and could he transfer me. I replied that I would like to know the cost first. He told me it was $100. I replied that I was going to hold off and see if my friend could help me instead. Then he got angry and rude with me. He went...

There is absolutely NO WAY to speak to anyone at DropBox unless you want to purchase a Pro account—for that you can speak to the sales team. Otherwise there is absolutely NO customer service other than email which takes weeks to resolve any problems. Imagine a conversation you might have with a technician on the phone about a problem. Now separate each volley in the conversation into emails—with...
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