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Social Networks Complaints and reviews

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Social Networks is an interactive multi-users web-resource, which content is constructed by users. The site allows users to communicate in social groups united by common interests or hobbies. Social sites usually require personal information, such as date of birth, school/university graduated, hobbies etc., which allow finding particular users in the Internet. There exist open and closed social ... Show more
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From mobile #483403
I had the same problems no one was sending me pics, felt like a fool.
Hamden, Connecticut

i tried to sign in but it acted like i had no account and i was fine all week then i tried to make a new account didnt last an hour made a another after that but still didnt last long i didnt do anything wrong *** this site. i don't get why they do this any i did a google search for my profile and it came up and only way i could see it was with google cached. i sent them an email so i hope to...
Quebec, Quebec

hello my adress Email: lescuirssteevemarchand@gmail.com or spiderwebrush@gmail.com I do not have my number. user or password, it's been over 6 months that I havent visited your site and I continue to pay an amount of U.S. $ 59.85 or $ 68.38 CAN. I would immediately stop paying this amount please. Contact me by e-mail or my cell number 418-998-6613 thank you. Je n'ai plus mon no. utilisateur...
Richmond, Virginia

When you are a free member you get dozens of emails asking to meet. You have to pay to read...once you sign up you get emails and request to meet, however I have found that the emails just continue to go back and forth and you get excuses. I believe it is designed to keep you renewing every month so the site can make money. I have yet to get a phone number or meet someone. In fact..one girl told...

I have been a user of pof for a few months now and was happy enough with things overall. It seems to work very well but now my account is gone I would be a very honourable polite guy that would not insult any woman but now my pof has been deleted for no reason and can't email anyone to ask why. Very unfair I have been a user of pof for a few months now and was happy enough with things overall....

Like I said above. I do not want this site, never subscribed to it and want my money back they took from my account. I don't remember ever giving them information as it did not interest me from day one! If I want to contact my shool mates, I can do it, but I am too busy to be bothered with this, plus why would I want to when in school they weren't interested in being friends then and I am sure...
Menlo Park, Ca

Danny J. Johnson; owner of http://www.dannyjjohnson.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/FusionFourDesign maliciously deleted a season of our reality show from our Facebook page. He was a crew member of the show, helping with the SolarBoatChronicles. Being a webmaster he was entrusted to take care of our website and Facebook page. He took over working on the website and changed who actually created...
Adelaide, South Australia

This website is fake and a scam. I'm really upset that they asked me for my credit card and I stupidly gave it to them. You can't contact anyone on there and they have all these pictures of models once I gave them my credit card, I realized it was a scam. Is there anyway we can get rid of this scam? I realize I was a fool giving out my card no. however it was just a moment of bad judgement. ...
Makati, Manila

Why on *** does it took 4 days to deliver a box that is barely an hour flight? And worse is that lbc promise to deliver the box in 3 days and its clearly stated on the receipt but what the heck? It didnt come on time and i keep kn calling your fuckkng office and they keep on repeating the same alibi. Its a big mistake trusting your company total ***! Whoever is the owner pls *** down ur...

BEFORE PAYING: The moment you sign up for a free account, you will literally be bombarded with messages, chat requests and views from various profiles.BE VERY CAREFUL these are fake profiles and are automated bots that are at work here.You might be tempted to sign up, because of all these profiles. You won't be able to read these messages since you are just a free member.To read these messages...
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