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Snack Bars and Fast Food, Bars Complaints and reviews

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When you speed in life, when you live on the edge you have not so much time for having food like a ceremony. Rather you can afford only fast food and Snack Bars, which is not bad, actually. The types of food sold at snack bars and Fast Food Bars are often junk food, such as French fries, ice cream, popcorn, pizza, hot dogs, sweet drinks, candy, snow cones, cotton candy, and churro. From the taste ... Show more
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disgusted that there is nobody to escalate problems to .seems that if you have two different addresses or you are visiting somebody and want to order food you're accused of fraud unreal
Boardman, Ohio

My daughter and her family were dining at Chili's a few days ago and was seated directly underneath an extremely heavy and low-hanging light fixture. The tables in the restaurant had been moved, apparently to jam more people into the restaurant. She got up to go to the restroom and bashed her head extremely hard on the light fixture and now has a severe concussion, as confirmed by emergency...
Brownsville, Oregon

the oreo print is on the inside refund or else i will stop buying your delicious cookies. it will break my heart but i will do it. i will start buying generic nuplex cookies. i will resort to eating sub standard cookies, the partially edible ones from walmart. alright i found 1 that is proper, i do not need refund for this 1 cookie. get yo act togetha fools. i'm black so i can talk that way....
Baltimore, Maryland

I went into a Panera Bread store on Friday April 11th to order a chicken Panini with chips. Thy made the sandwich and it was 50% cold and the other hot. So, I had a partially cold and partially hot panini. To top it off, I went to take a seat and all of the available ones were super dirty from when other customers were sitting there. Every time I go into store #3587 ( In Catonsville, Md) the...
Orlando, Florida

I went to jeremiahs Italian ice in Waterford lakes in Orlando, fl. of course its run by college trash and mostly college trash hangs out there...when it was my turn a female took my order--she was nice. then out of nowhere this tall ugly lanky c*nt came and asked for my payment....for no reason she just took over the transaction when it wasn't even her turn....she was really RUDE and aggressive...
Shreveport, La

Shreveport louisiana store #3650 mansfield rd. We got a box of chicken today April 12th at 5:44 p.m. Well we ordered spicy and didn't get it, and I was eating the chicken and it tasted bad, and I smelled it and it smelled really bad, and it makes me sick to think about it. I had to throw it away, and hope it doesn't make me sick tonight. I don't know if I can ever go back there again. it was...
West Fork, Arkansas

I was recently in Taco Bell here in Camden arkansas an employee by the name Nikki, her attitude was so poor, I had to ask another employee for my cups to complete my order, she cursed after I got my cups to another customer. I'm sure she was discussing the issue she needs seriously check her attitude when dealing with customers at any store. I felt better once I left the store even though in a...
New York, New York

On Tues April 8th I visited the nastiest food an bar I ve ever been too. The servers at Champps are so mean and nasty it s ridiculous. First of all they said if I don t have a seat I can t have a drink. That is so ridiculus Whoever heard of that if your standing you can't have a drink. Everybody from the Chinese bartender who I could not understand a word she was saying to the servers who were...
Tampa, Florida

Recently, I was at the Starbucks on Starkey Road and Bryan Dairy in Largo, FL and one of their 18 wheeler delivery trucks pulled up into the fire lane in front of the store, unloaded 3 large pallets of goods into the fire lane, and waited for the manager to come out and move the items into the store. The time frame from when the truck pulled up until I left was about 35 minutes and when I left...
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