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Shipping is a transporting of goods by different means: by sea, by rail or by air. Shipping is also sending a package somewhere via the mail service or a private company. Most goods are transported by sea. The shipping industry is in charge of carrying from one place to other goods of more than 90% of the whole trade in the world. There are a lot of advantages from transporting goods by means of ... Show more
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Northborough, Massachusetts

pretty much, I was supposed to get my package on Friday shipped from sunday from Cali to Mass, it finally got to Mass by Friday which is understandable, it was at a sorting facility I took a visit to. Thought I could just pick my package up since it was a town away no further than 5 miles, so I took a ride down there to not only find out that its in sorting AGAIN after it just came from a initial...
Grand Forks, North Dakota

After being on hold for a long period of time (25 Min) I hung up and called back. I asked the receptionist to please not place me on hold and to let me talk to someone regarding the poor service. She replied "excuse me" in a voice that indicated she thought I had asked to to cut off her right hand and hung up. This is one case where I would rather to talk to a computer then that useless, rude...
Phoenix, Arizona

I received a package shipped by UPS which when it arrived looked like it had been run over by a truck. The box was split on all sides and the contents( pottery) was smashed into small pieces even though the entire box was filled with bubble wrap. The box was well over 15 sizes larger than the object inside. I contacted the claims department and never heard back. Two months later I called and they...
Denton, Texas

I ordered something off Amazon. My address clearly states that it's a Post Office Box but they accepted the delivery anyway even though they don't deliver to the Post Office! Then, when it was on their truck they somehow got one of my old addresses and delivered there, then had some random person sign for it! Listen here UPS, if you can't deliver the darn package, don't accept it. When I tried to...
Baltimore, Maryland

I had ordered my wife flowers for Valetine's Day, the order was placed over one week in advance. The flowers showed up almost a week late. The box was left lying in front of our door, the box also looked a little beaten. The flowers were mostly wilted. I had ordered a vase to go with it, which was not included at all. When I called customer service, I was hung up on three times. They do not...
Mexico City, Federal District

I live in Ensenada, Baja California. I made a purchase from a vender in Mexico City and told them I needed the item as soon as possible, a gift for my wife. I paid the extra $250 pesos for "NEXT DAY" normal delivery, from Mexico City, MX to Ensenada, Baja Ca Norte. MX. Two weeks later and after talking to FedEx MX, FedEx La Paz (where they sent it) almost every day, no one knows why I don't have...

When the agent told me it would cost 6,000.00 to get freight from New York to Oregon, I thought the price was high but agreed to have them ship it. I did some more checking and found out that the company was charging twice the rate of there competitors! I signed on with Matson for 2500.00 and called The Freight Center, immediately to cancel the shipment and fortunately they haden't picked it up...
Elk Grove Village, Illinois

We asked the driver to deliver to our shipping dock rather than office front door. He refused after making threatening gestures to one of my employees then drove away. Next day he returned to our dock I verified that he was he was the same individual and asked him to leave. At that point I attempted to close the door and he grabbed it forcing it open while he yelled at me for refusing the...
Rogers, Minnesota

... again? This is the second package in as many weeks. Both orders were shipped from Kentucky. Both orders were meant to be sent to the same receiving address. I'm an understanding person, and I realize things happen. What bothers me about the situation is I am personally having to track down updates on these delayed orders, rather than any information being updated online. In both cases...

If you are expecting a shippment from this make shift company dont hold your breath they will move tracking number every day and take weeks to deliver a package 22 miles away they will then show up in a truck that should have been off the road 15 years ago bald tires leaking oil all over your lot if you call to ask a question plan on being on hold for over 50 mins for some ditz to say im sorry to...
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