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Shipping is a transporting of goods by different means: by sea, by rail or by air. Shipping is also sending a package somewhere via the mail service or a private company. Most goods are transported by sea. The shipping industry is in charge of carrying from one place to other goods of more than 90% of the whole trade in the world. There are a lot of advantages from transporting goods by means of ... Show more
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From mobile #483910
LBC Express
POOR DELIVERY SERVICE!!! several occasions where my deliveries didnt reach on time, SUPER DELAYED!!!!!!
From mobile #483895
FedEx has had my package just 2 hrs away from my home since Friday today is Tuesday and it has been in my area all day still no package . FedEx is too slow I hope I never have to use fedex again :(

Richard Bailey contacted our company and contracted us to transport 3 loads of material on our flatbed trucks. All freight was delivered, on time, loss and claim free. He has been provided with all necessary documentation to prove that we honored our side of the contract. We have a contract signed and a personal guarantee that he would keep his word and pay us, within the 30 day terms provided...
Missoula, Montana

I had an overnight package shipped to me that required a signature. The UPS truck tried 3 times to deliver and then sent the package back! The truck came all 3 times during working hours (how could I be home?), never specified after the first time on the notice, a time of return, and then failed to leave it at the UPS store for pick up! This sort of service is horrible! You pay UPS extra for...
Boston, Massachusetts

this place is a joke but give them credit they hire any one with mental illness to answer the phone and put you on hold for 60 mins or more if you plan on getting a delivery ask what year cuz its not coming anytime soon never have i seen a company this bad they should send there call center back to grammer school. trac a package what a joke, every day they just change date to the next day they...
Charlotte, North Carolina

Moving Staffers was absolutely pathetic. We bought 2 boxes of the paper moving blankets that they recommended along with 2 dozen heavy duty moving blankets and still almost every piece of our furniture was damaged including family heirloom hand made cedar chests. They stacked boxes labeled "FRAGILE" in large unmistakable markings on the bottom with heavier items on top. I saw one of them...
Syracuse, New York

7 days, 3 missed deliveries, 3 calls to customer service and 1 call to local terminal. The best is the local terminal and customer service both say the other is prone to lies and misrepresentation. Now theres' a solid company. My advice use someone, anyone else, they are non responsive and very arrogant. No response to an email after a week, so we can conclude customer satisfaction ends once you...
White Plains, New York

I ordered a package for Easter that was supposed to be delivered early in the week of April 14th. It never showed up. I got one door tag on the front door to my condo unit (my individual unit, that is, NOT the main door to the building) showing that one attempt had been made. I never received the package nor did I get any other door tag indicating that the delivery person had missed me. The...
Richmond, Virginia

This company is know to send its sour Milk back to its corporate store to have it reworked and sold to customers like Walmart, Foodlion,Walgreens,Cvs, And local schools. They also in Richmond allow farmers to come in and pick up sour milk to give to their live stock which i feel is un healty to these same store plus locals. This company need to be taken out of the customer service market for...

So I woke up all excited to get my brother's birthday gift for his party today. I go sit in the living room at 12:00 waiting for my package to arrive around 4:00. So I play some video games and put on music to pass the time. 6:00 comes and I figure maybe the mailman is running slow so I track my package. Well it said that an attempt to drop off my gifts was made around 4:00 which could not have...
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