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Household Services Complaints and reviews

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We use different services provided by companies and firms in our daily life. It can be something casual like having a haircut in a beauty salon, or some more vital services like repairs or, for example, installation. No matter how insignificant the service is, almost all people get upset and discouraged when they receive poor quality service. Or when the service received doesn`t meet their ... Show more
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Conway, Arkansas

I just recently quit from working with Hyla. It was a bad, deceitful job from the get go. They do not pay their sales rep the promised base pay. They do not pay for your gas (and they will have you traveling all over the state). You can "win" gas money but if you don't win the contest, you get no gas money. They do not pay for your supplies (A&D, fragrances, and gifts). This is docked off...
Las Vegas, Nevada

I call cox cable at 10:20 am time las vegas and I told the lady lili from cox I told her I had problem with internet unable to connected ? I ask her if please send some one to check the problem? she keep talk about wire and rooter and other like she ask me to call gear company they product maybe no good. I told her the guy from cox he is the one sold it to me not from some where ales. I ask her...
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Bought a dishwasher from Lowes. It was on the scratch and dent isle. A Samsung DMT800RHS/XAA. It had problems so they replaces it. Lowe's brought out and just left with no paperwork. Samsung approved it. It broke before the the warranty was over but because I didn't have any paperwork they said they couldn't honor the warranty. So I had to have my repair done myself. I asked Lowes for the...

I had purchased the voucher from groupon on March 5, 2014. Before i buy the voucher, i had call the home service guy making sure that i am in there service area. They told me that i am. The voucher said within 100 miles and i am 71 miles away from them. So, i went ahead bought the voucher and made the appointment with them on April 7. On the April 4, they called me said that the guy who is going...
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

I had purchased a Bosch washing machine (Model No. WAX 16160 IN) from Sharptronics Anna Nagar, Chennai , India -600102 on 14.04.2014. Till date the same was not installed. The installation people are charging additional cost for the installation. Which we refused to give. So they abandoned the new machine and went away. The name of the person is Mr. Arul ( Mobile No. 9941773866). I thinking of...

A very nice guy came out to our home 1st time on schedule and as agreed. He actually did a very thorough job around the full perimeter of our home exterior and interior. I was promised a free follow-up visit after 30 days was told just needed to call to schedule it. I called to schedule the visit and was told by the lady on the line that there would be a $65 dollar fee for the follow-up visit. I...

Unbelievable because the 2 men never told me about it before they left! I discovered this on my own! This cupboard was screwed to the bathroom wall in 2 places. I decided to have my friend Larry put it back for me. I did not want the 2 people to return to my home to do it! My friend larry will be paid for his labor. I think I deserve a refund! I don't believe i will ever have Stanley...
Toronto, Ontario

I hired this company to clean my home, to help my wife a bit. Since we're both working around the clock, time was against us all the time. Their 1st cleaning was exceptional. Afterwards, was all downhill. The cleaning got sloppy. They wouldn't dust or mop certain areas, they would skip large areas, they would do the cleaning in 30 min, as in 1.20 min like they normally would. When I would...
Milton, Ontario

Called company who could care less about the flood, could only book me in for service 1pm -5pm the next day, apparently everyone was flooding...go figure. Had no choice but to book these times for service (what are you supposed to do????). Told client services person I was less than happy with this service and that I'd be looking elsewhere for a provider. Called back the next day to confirm...
San Francisco, California

I dont understand all of these negitive comments, its actually pretty sad that people feel the need to bash a very successful company, I have worked for a company like DJ Ent for a few years now and Im very happy with my pay, my co workers, and environment, i think people are just lazy and think that things shoud be handed to them you have to work hard in order to last in any successful company...
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