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Financial Scams and Schemes Complaints and reviews

Financial Scams and Schemes reviews,Financial Scams and Schemes complaints reviews, file complaint, post Financial Scams and Schemes reviews, Read reports
Scam in general is very disagreeable, and situation of being scammed is unpleasant itself, but scam in financial sphere is twice worth because it can cause big money problems. Nowadays there are much more ways to scam trusting people. Internet scam while online shopping, fishing (is a scam where Internet fraudsters send spam messages to lure personal and financial information from unsuspecting ... Show more
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I purchased two tickets from an airline, that on the date of the filght canceled the departure due to weather. The airline rufunded the two purchased tickets withing the same billing cycle as the purchase. In stead of Bill Me Later appling the credit towards the puchased tickets, they elected to pay off all of the lower 6 months same as cash purchases that were made during the Christmas season....

Its nice to see that the real Wolf of Old Street has been Jailed. I have had the delight of coming across Stephen Evans before he was Jailed when he was a financial adviser at Global Eye. Mr Evans was extremely pushy and seemed to be only interested in getting hold of my money, it is now so clear why he wanted my money. After feeling uncomfortable with Mr Evans I requested to speak with another...
Huber Heights, Ohio

So me.and Mrs bowling did john height account manager set us up ask the blonde haired lady if john was in said yes I.ask if she was secretary she said yes from another office to help out a few days heard john after we went into his office say to sherry bucchholz which by the? Way wasn't the secretary she in fact was a branch manager well john said we had to take credit life or the loan wouldn't...

Trend Sound Promoter is a fraudulent online company that some earlier investors are earning quite well right now. Trend Sound Promoter AMG Corporation, A corporation with fake corporate offices in Miami FL and Bellevue WA, markets itself as a "Ad-Promoting" platform. The emails Independant Promoters send never get delivered because no emails are sent. They developed their web application that...
Frankfort, Indiana

Familiar story: I requested a custodian-to-custodian transfer of IRA assets from Equity Institutional, after liquidating investments in the account so it holds only cash. After three weeks my account status shows the request is "under review" -- as if there were anything to review or a custodian has any discretion upon receiving valid transfer paperwork from the account owner and an eligible...
New York, New York

one late afternoon I was having dinner and the phone rang. it as frank jones frome adv solutions advertising telling me he can help me with my credit. it was going to cost me $1500 but I didn't have it so the said they will charge me $400 now and I can pay the rest in a year. I would have to do nothing and I would make $2k to $4k a month from amazon and merchant services, ect. after I received...
Jasper, Alabama

I have been receiving multiple daily phone calls from 949-878-9307, out of Irvine California. I did not apply for any loans and strongly believe them to be a scam company as they insist on payments up front plus bank account information.. I have delivered either and will not... My appreciation for you looking into this matter, would be greatly appreciated... most phone callers are of foreign...
Sherman Oaks, California

so I open a small buisness for the holidays only for 4 months .. somthing really small..... so i was thinking to buy a terminal and not to sign a lease/contact!!!!!! i went to bank of america and talk with merchant services specialist Ali Shajiee (located in the valley california beware from him) Ali told me to do a lease then i can save money he told me there is no contact and i can cancel the...
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Guaranteed small business start up loan. Put $195.00 on Green Dot money pack to prove can pay monthly installments. Asked 3 times that money would not be taken off of card. Approved, now you need to put another 245.00 on to pay Western Union taxes. Asked if could not just put an additional 50.00 on card. NO need 245.00, you will be getting 195 back with 10,000 check. Said no need 195.00 back and...
Dallas, Texas

These MONSTERS take advantage of people in difficult times. We needed to sell our settlement coz we were far behind on bills, and they did everything in their power to get us to sign. Sadly we did, because of the great promises. But it turned out to be a bait and switch. BEWARE - do not deal with this company. They also go by Assured Annuity and Genex Capital. Probably many more. If we had...
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