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Eating out is an expensive business, so you should be really sure in a good experience. However, there are a lot of different styles of restaurants which one can choose from, depending on his taste, personal preferences, financial situation, mood and occasion. The most common restaurant types include: steakhouses, seafood restaurants, casual dining, pizzeria, coffee houses, fast food and fancy ... Show more
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From mobile #483892
Panda Express
Ordered double entrée for my son and I, carryout got home prepared to dig in. What to my surprise it was only a single attempts to call back unsuccessful no phone service wtf.
Fremont, California

Our party of 7 dined at Outback Steakhouse on 5525 Stevenson Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538 last night (April 21, 2014) at around 8pm. We were seated right away, the restaurant was not busy. Service was attentive. We proceeded to place our orders, 4 guests wanted prime rib. The waiter came back 15 minutes later saying they ran out of prime rib, and gave the option of ordering bone-in rib-eye steaks. Ok....
From mobile #483867
Panda Express
Burnt chicken hard noodles. COLD FOOD
Tampa, Florida

We took Chili's free appetizer or dessert coupons from our Sunday paper to the Largo, Florida location for a special celebration of my son's second award from his college. We read the coupons carefully to make sure they could be used at lunch. Other coupons we have successfully used at other restaurants tell you specifically if they cannot be used on a lunch entree. Not only was the waiter...
Minneapolis, Minnesota

My husband and I went to Old country Buffet in Richfield Store No 0001. We had heard how it had changed. What did you change the food tasted like *** you took out the deserts took away the chicken and mash potatos now this is for Breakfast. The dust was so thick on the window seals I could write my name on it. Both my Husband and I were sick after eating there. My husband was sick most of the...
Hanover, Massachusetts

We ordered a soup and a hotdog and fries. 15 minutes after we ordered, our soup had still not come, the food comes. we asked about the soup and the waitress said that she was going to bring it right out - like uh hello the soup is suppose to come out before the food - so we said forget the soup since the food is here, the waitress seemed confused at our anger and ignored us the rest of our time...
From mobile #483724
I visit Carrabba's at least twice a week, & I usually sit at the bar.service is poor.... The bar tender thats working while I'm there is name Ashley.in Augusta Georgia. Thanks for your time

me and my boyfriend went to eat at the counrty buffet the food was so old and dried out we could,nt even enjoy it the dessert was so stale and the cake u could,nt even cut it with a fork that was a waste of 27.09 and there was hardly any food put out my boyfriend wanted roast beef the girl cut like a sliver of it !! worst day for eating out will never eat there again ! i wrote them and they...
Lancaster, Texas

Horrible service! I won't post the girls name she may be in highschool, but this ding dong asked for our drink orders and never wrote it down. Then repeated the order and repeated an order that was completely wrong. We got drinks ten mins later, then food with no gaps in between appetizer and entrée. Our food was warm no stretch to the cheese fries and room temp food for other items. I don't...
Chicago, Illinois

On easter sunday our plans fell through do to illness, so we went to buy some flowers and on our way home we stopped by the Taco Bell in Wheelersbug Ohio. My wife and i went through the dive through ordered a 12 pack of taco's for our son who was at home. The lady working the counter charged us and we paid, then she handed us a bag and siad thanks have a nice Easter. We took the bag drove home....
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