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City Of Westminster, England

At 10.30am I submitted a 100 word document in Portuguese to be translated to English. As it was a legal document I requested this service. I paid up front and included a note stating I needed the translation by 12.30. This seemed reasonable as they advertise a one hour translation service. After not hearing anything for 2 hours I contacted them to be told I needed to pay more money as names...
Brooklyn, New York

Paid $100 for flowers with "express" delivery. 3 days later a bunch of flowers which looked nothing like the ones I ordered arrived. After 7 hours of waiting for the flowers I tried to contact Customer service. They were entirely unhelpful and offered to refund $5 for the express delivery. I told them I wanted a full refused and they responded that I would not be able to receive one. A hint for...
Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Safety Services Company is full of nothing but liars, thieves, cheats, and scammers. I made the mistake of using them to maintain my ISNetworld account. They ended up selling me a bunch of pocket manuals that I “supposedly” needed to stay in compliance. Come to find out, after checking with Anadarko, I did not need them at all. They tried selling me a drug and alcohol program that I didn’t...

Although Holly is a nice person I am truly disheartened by what happened. I found Holly McBain writing services (holly.mcbain@rodriquezconsulting.com) on Craigslist or rather she found me after I posted an ad. I'm not upset that she didn't come through the way she said she would or that she didn't communicate with me that the work wasn't being done or that I had to dispute the money she charged...

From my interaction with her I will tell you that Holly is a nice person and I'm not upset because she didn't come through the way she said she would, or that I sent money to her via Paypal (holly.mcbain@rodriquezconsulting.com) or that she didn't contact me before I contacted her to tell me she wasn't going to do the work, but it was the more than 3k I spent on the classes (which I ended up...
Troy, Michigan

I did not know what to expect - the deal was, pay them $1500 and they would look for a year or so. They did almost nothing. My own profession involves investigation. I understand how you have to follow more than one line of inquiry. Omnitrace had one trick up their sleeve - they tried it and it was a dead end. I had to flog them to get them to do anything. The "Investigator" assigned to my case...
Noida, Uttar Pradesh

I would like to share my experience with one of the best web design company. I have an online business for which i got an ecommerce webiste designed by Sakshay. I am really very happy with the work of their team. They have highly qualified and expert professionals who just made very easy for me to get the things done my way and in a very short period of time. The development done by them is very...
Shepherd's Bush, England

I was invited into their offices. Got there and was shown around a swanky looking studio they asked to see my pictures. Told me my pictures were horrible they, didn't sell me the way professional images would etc. A very chatty man went on about how many big clients they'd had and shortly after offered me a TEST SHOOT with a photographer for £150 and said it's the only way a big agency could take...
Dallas, Texas

They may have a good product but they are a complete shame to their mission statement. They are liars and cheats. They say they care about their employees but the truth is they would rather fire you than deal with your problems. As long as you are healthy and always at work and willing to work extra hours for no compensation you are golden. If you get sick I mean real sick and you are under a...
Jacksonville, North Carolina

I purchased a three year home warranty in Feb 2014. Shortly after purchasing the warranty, we received and email stating that the warranty would take effect on 16 Mar 14. 8 April 2014 we receive a notification in the mail notifying us that Colonial Home Warranty has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Did they not know in February that they were planning to file for bankruptcy. My policy was...
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