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A product is an item or substance that is manufactured or refined for sale such as marketing products and services or some daily products. Product is also a substance produced during a natural, chemical, or manufacturing process such as waste products, for example. Products are produced by manufactures for consumers. That is why we define what they are going to produce and in which quantity. ... Show more
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Cary, North Carolina

After being a long-time NT customer we have parted ways. As long as you don't have a problem with your item, you're fine. If you do, good luck. I have had several problems with in store purchases. When you try to exchange them for an item that actually works properly, they give you a hard time and won't exchange without a mechanic looking at it (who is only there certain hours). The last...
Kingsport, Tennessee

I bought 2- 50ft pocket hoses. after two months one of them blew out the side of the cloth material. A huge bubble looked like a bicycle tire only a lot thinner and white. I used Duct tape to repair it and it lasted another 2 months before the end blew off....the second one lasted about 10 months, but this one I kept indoors and seldom used. This one failed at the very end where it screws on...
Litchfield, New Hampshire

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Purchased a 30' above ground pool liner with a 20 year warranty and this winter it split just above the seam. The split was over 3 feet long. I had a bladder and chemicals to winterize the pool as well as, a pool cover. I found out a 20 year warranty means nothing unless they feel it's a manufacturer defect. The warranty is really just to entice the buyer to purchase and give you a false sense of...
Rio De Janeiro, Rio De Janeiro

I've placed an order on April 8th, 2014 (order 142322). It's been over a week and the order status is "payment approved, pending shipment". So, I wrote an e-mail yesterday to ask for shipment estimate, and I haven't had any reply at all. I have sent another message today, but I'm not sure if anyone reads it at all... I don't even know if this is a reliable company, once no one bothers to even...

Bought hearing aid batteries for reserve while on vacation. Did not use until 9 mo later. Found two to be bad on my own. Took batteries to store and clerk found two more to be bad. Tried to return, but was very strongly informed it was over the thirty day limit. What is a customer todo? Take them out of the package, remove the foil and have the clerk test them. Complained to Radio Shack and...

This is my second complaint about this very poorly run company. First off they dont have a customer service line to call in. They only have a sales line. Think about that for one second and you realize why rockbottomgolf.com is a terrible company. I paid 15.00 premium for guaranteed 3 day shipping. So what does Rockbottomgolf.com do?, They ship via UPS Ground which has now taken 1 week to...
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

My Mother ordered (1) Dumpcake book from the ad on TV. When she called they wanted to sell her additional books and skillets. She made it clear she was not interested. She authorized a Total of $ 17.99 on her charge card. When she received the order they doubled everything, and even charged her an additional $9.99 for Rush processing for a grand total of $97.96 .We called the company and the...
Mahwah, Nj

Crappy and unprofessional service by Fred at Traffic Safety sign company in Mahwah, NJ. Over the past few years I've purchased signs from Traffic Safety in Mahwah, NJ. Every time I called or stopped in Fred was rude, obnoxious, arrogant and have the worst kind of attitude. The last time I ordered signs I waited for three weeks!!! Called to find out about my order, Fred's response was very rude...
San Diego, California

Signed up for the "free trial" Regal Cigs kit and paid $4.99 s&h. 14 days later got a charge for $119.95. Called to say WTF, and I was told that I had to return within 14 days, or get the full charge. They offered to charge only half if I kept it. Returned kit and got charged with a 20% restocking fee. I'm sure it was all in the fine print in terms & conditions (that stuff nobody...
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