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Photography Complaints and reviews

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From the ancient times mankind have been trying to imprint interesting, historical or outstanding moments of life. The first photograph "View from the window"- was made in 1826 by a Frenchman. Since that time photography has developed into a huge industry. It is used in documentary photography, in historical events as a proof, in jurisprudence, and in investigative practice, in different science ... Show more
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Everyone beware of taking your family to Portrait Innovation Studio’s. My mother scheduled an appointment for our whole family to get our pictures taken together two weeks prior to the date we were going in. I thought it was a good promotion so I printed off the coupon for my children to go, which happened to be a week before the whole family pictures. I told Portrait Innovations at the studio...
Tooele, Utah

Yes I went too there website and you can cleanly see that when they take thepicture they have a stand with the picture of your child before they take. It but like some kids do make mistakes when they smile and too take a picture of your child and see that it is truly something that would want too hang on your wall too ask the child too take it over right then but too rush all children and get the...
West Palm Beach, Florida

My family used to take pictures at Target but it closed so Portrait Innovations was our only option. The people working at the st johns towncenter in Jacksonville Florida are the rudest photographers I've ever met in my life. Thwy got impatient with my kids and was talking bad about them right in front of me and my kids. They were snatching their arms and saying things like "oh my god, what's...
Garland, Texas

I got a package from group on for $19. When I called how much the pictures were they wouldn't tell me. I googled them about their reviews mostly negatives. When I got there I told the manger I wasn't going to buy any pictures and she basically said that's a waste of time to do 4 hours if you are here for your free picture. You should think about us with our schedule. I told her what I saw on...
New York, New York

We paid Tim Gemelli (Founder of The Photo Booth Lounge) $6K for a 2-day photo booth activation in the lobby at NY Fashion Week for our client. Due to his lack of communication we missed integral deadlines and were unable to use his services on Feb 6 and 7, 2014. And here is the kicker – HE KEPT OUR MONEY! We are boutique PR agency and Tim took our $6,000 and will not give it back. Yes, I am...
Fairview Heights, Illinois

I have gone to Portrait Innovations many times, each one hoping that THIS will be the time they get their *** together. But alas, nope. The CD that you have to pay a lot for, or buy a huge expensive package for, is worthless. The 'images' you receive are low quality that do NOT print well, and the high resolution images are encrypted, so it is pointless. Everytime we go we spend at least $300...
Williamsburg, Florida

I'm going to give this scam artist 0 stars.we waited for our pics from our sons third birthday party.they never came.we tried contacting him numerous times.finally I friended him on FB and posted what I thought of him on his page.surprise surprise the verbal threats began.he finally sent something.the pics were terrible.they were finally sent 6 months after the shoot.they weren't proofed and...
Denver, Colorado

I run an olde tyme photo studio. We sell items online, like Christmas cards and playing cards and prints. It is an incredibly popular option for the type of business it is. I had tried a few other companies but found PhotoReflect's setup best matched my Olde Tyme Photo studio's needs. However, the first year I used them I was less than pleased. I had more items sent out wrong or not sent at all...
Palm Harbor, Florida

My child's class picture is very blurry. One half is fine, but the other half is so blurry esp the teacher. Very bad photoshop. I've already told the school, and they said they are not using Lifetouch anymore. I've talked to the all the moms and dads in the class, they are pissed and want a retake. So on the behalf of the myself and the parents We want a refund and a retake. We paid for these...
North Vancouver, British Columbia

Not only did their electronic link to my grad images NOT work, when I requested a new link, they "forgot" to include of the images. I recently received a piece of mail from them as well, addressed to the graduate sitting next to me at the ceremony (My address, her name) Apparently, they can't even keep their paperwork straight. Their customer service dept hung up on me and then were rude when I...
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