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Pet Stores Complaints and reviews

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People most commonly get pets for companionship, to protect home or property, or because of the beauty of animals. The most common reasons for not owning a pet are lack of time, lack of suitable housing, and lack of ability to take care of the pet when traveling. Pet stores specialize in selling not only pets, but also pet food, supplies, and accessories. Average cost of a dog over its lifetime ... Show more
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Colorado Springs, Colorado

We have had several standards since our first one acquired when we lived in Pennsylvania. Gigi was an absolute delight, gloriously great black coat. We loved her for thirteen years, and grieved terribly when we lost her. Remington (apricot) was acquired in Denver as a watchdog companion for our granddaughter. When our son enlisted in the military 2 years later our daughter-in-law moved to...

I have to thank Purebred Breeders so much for helping me find my precious Zoe! Their service made it so easy from start to finish! I can't think of anything that they didn't cover! She arrived with her special instructions and a small bag of her favorite food but most importantly she is the dream dog Ive always wanted! I pretty much tend to her like a new born baby! I love her with all my heart!...
Raleigh, North Carolina

Do not adopt from this organization! We adopted a yorkie poo in January. The puppy was sent to us from Missouri, and the "breeder" booked a flight with a 4 hour layover in Dallas. By the time we picked him up at the airport he was severely dehydrated. We took him immediately to our vet where he was put on an IV. Upon a medical examination the vet said it was clear that the dog had been neglected...

When your dog is full of fleas and ticks, it is almost *** for you. I have also faced this situation. Robert was 10 months old when he caught up with the dreadful parasites. My dog started itching, scratching and seemed irritated with all those pesky things flying all over his body. Not knowing what to do, I just picked up a flea and tick medication from a retail store, and started treating him....
Denver, Colorado

I live in North Arizona with my two cats and a little lovely son. Often my cats have fleas and an occasional bout of worms. I browsed through hundreds of websites, and was exhausted thinking someone should give me options of two to four sites to choose. Few days before, I got a brochure from one of those online pet supplies and looked through it. I visited the site of this supplier –...

It was my first time getting my very own pet so I wanted something easy to take care of. I am a full time college student so I live with my mom and she has two dogs who I love! I went to petsmart and fell in love with the cutest guinea pig ever! I purchased him the next day but 3 days later I noticed his ear was dry and scaly inside and that he had scabs on his back! I looked up on the internet...
Oakville, Ontario

STAY AWAY FROM PUREBRED BREEDERS - our French Bulldog puppy has been plagued with health issues from Demodetic Mange, Seizures, a tumour and cherry eye and he is only 11 months old! As a company that touts having the best breeders in their network they don't stand behind this claim whatsoever. We have spent over $4600 on emergency vet and vet bills in 9 months and will continue to pay for seizure...
Novato, California

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To summarize the past few months please see the email below that I wrote to Petco in March. I have yet to receive a response from them. My mom has been writing back and forth to the insurance agent that Petco assigned and I feel that I’m just getting the run around. How does a $50 grooming bill turn into an almost $7,000 bill? March 20, 2014 Dear Petco, I am the proud owner and mother of a 7...
Austin, Texas

If you are looking to buy a dog.. DO NOT USE NEXTDAYPETS.COM!!!! They are a HUGE scam and have continuously charged my credit card without my authorization. They refuse to refund me. DO NOT USE THIS SITE. I was ok with being charged $5.95 for 30 days access. But I never wanted to create a wanted ad. Supposedly I did and agreed to being charged $5 ever 2 weeks for a service I never wanted. In...

Doing business with Purebred Breeders has been a fantastic experience. Everyone there is extremely knowledgeable, pleasant, and kept me informed on every detail from my first phone call to my puppy's arrival. If you're looking for a beautiful, healthy puppy, Purebred Breeders is the real deal. Everything went smoothly from beginning to end. Very accommodating when we asked if our baby, Oliver,...
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