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Pet Medicine Complaints and reviews

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Veterinarians should have an affinity for animals and the ability to get along with their owners. Graduation from an accredited college of veterinary medicine and a State license are required. Competition for admission to veterinary school is keen; however, graduates should have excellent job opportunities. About 3 out of 4 veterinarians work in private practice. Veterinarians care for the ... Show more
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Shamokin, Pennsylvania

The postal service has gone down hill to the max. For instance, a package was shipped from Florida it took 2 days,not bad. A package was shipped from north carolina to PA and it sits in Philadelphia post office!!! The package from Florida went to Harrisburg, PA (CORRECT) the North Carolina to Philadelphia? What the heck, why they dropped it there, lord knows. So now, there it sits. This...
Chicago, Illinois

Dog was itching and unable to even sit up. He vomited nonstop for couple hours. Luckily we looked things up on google am it told us to bath him in dawn dish soap. The next morning the dog was still the same. Not wanting to even go outside, which he is always excited to do. We bathed him again. Then took h to vet for observation. He is going to be on as far as we know. But what a horrible...
Chicago, Illinois

My dog had an emergency pyometra surgery at North Shore animal hospital in Chicago on Addison ave. They operated on my dog, but with out consent just to make a few more dollars they vaccinated her when she came out of surgery. NO regard for recuperation, just give make the money. My dog almost died, i took her to a holistic doctor and she got very angry, because they is so unethical, the dog need...

I am another that should of used google before my puchase. After 2 weeks I emailed Leanne several times and she told me the product was out of stock but should be in mid week. I was told if I wanted to wait or refund (decided to wait). After no response 2 weeks later I had to keep forwarding previous sent mails and was told still out, so asked for a refund. No reply so i sent several more emails...

I'm a vet tech w a mixed breed dog I took in as a pup (heeler/Aussie).He's 10 now. We are together every moment I'm not at work. This week was my vacation so I decided to go to the river with him, where it is also loaded w ticks. We don't have problems around home so I usually only apply tick preventative once a summer or so. Have always used straight old frontline in the past w no problems. Have...
Willoughby, Ohio

My family joined the Banfield wellness plan after being sold like a car salesman by a vet. We later found out that the plan includes large amounts of vaccinations that my small dog did not do well. with. I asked the vet if so many vaccinations are truly necessary and she advised me that they were. I told her last time he was sick for 3 days and I didnt want this to happen again. She blatantly...
Lawrence, New York

I thought that I was getting a great deal on heart worm medication since Petcarerx stated that their "selling price " was $47 and their sale price was $ 30.. What a joke my vet sells the medication for less and the medication is factory fresh.I also found out that Petcarerx gets its heart worm drugs from some grey market not from the actual drug company.Who knows if the medication was handled ...

Applied frontline and my little dog very sick and suffering! It's Sunday and no vets! Thanks to this frontline tritak, I should have read reviews regarding this carp, and I am really upset at this time, and it seems almost repeated complaints of similar reactions, what does it take to stop this? You need to pay the vet bills everyone is occurring due to this ***. Why would you continue with this...
Antioch, California

I would NEVER recommend or refer anyone to take their loved one to the Bandfield Pet Hospital in Antioch, California. My Chihuahua came in for dental cleaning & Dr. Lobus recommended that she perform dental surgery. Being a concerned parent, I trusted her to do everything that she could to benefit my dogs health. I think that its nonsenses that Dr. Lobus would perform an invasive surgery...
Clio, Michigan

I placed an order for my dogs prescription medication on February 26 and here it is March 23 & still haven't received it. The many calls I made to pet food direct have resulted in nothing more than the run around & several of the customer support people just flat out lied to me...I will NEVER use this company again! To top it off my poor dog is now suffering. If they had just been...
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