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Pet Accessories Complaints and reviews

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Pets have been living with people so long that now they have become common and even imitated people’s habits and customs. For example, pets are also following fancy trends. Stylish clothes, charms and pendants, dog jewelry, hair wear, nesting beds, paw wear, eyewear, pet safety, collars, harnesses, leads, tanks, hoodies, dresses, sweaters etc. – all that is result of living together. Pet’s ... Show more
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Thornbury, Victoria

Leanne from Lealean Pet Supplies was nothing but helpful & accurate with my order & my kitten is extremely happy! Once I purchased the cat bed online I received an email from Leanne the next morning with an update of my order status & another one shortly after with my tracking number. I did read previous complaints (after I made the purchase) and was dubious if I would receive it or...
Theodore, Alabama

I ordered a couple of items from Zoomer Gear, LLC on their website on 03/02/2014 and paid with a bank debit/credit card at that time. I later received both an invoice and a receipt for my payment. A check of my bank statement revealed that payment was sent to Zoomer Gear on 03/03. I figured that I would need to allow 2-3 weeks for delivery, so I waited. 3 weeks went by without any...
Brisbane, Queensland

Ordered a cat scratcher a couple of weeks ago. It has never showed up. Googled the company and BAM they're a scam. I cannot find the website in order to contact directly to rectify this or get a refund. I am not happy with this as money is not good at the best of times, let alone having someone rid me off for a product that I have paid for in all good faith. How can someone do this to innocent...
Clayton, Ohio

The supervisor in this store is very rude. I will NEVER shop at this store again because of her. I was checking out when she interrupted the process to start asking what my name was, which was none of her business. I tried ignoring the blonde *** but she was persistent. By then, I had already paid for my item and she kept harassing me until I finally walked out of the store. I was happy to notice...
Perth, Western Australia

I ordered a dog trampoline bed from Pronto online. The price was good and the company bragged of great service etc etc. I received the receipt for my payment and that was it. I have written countless emails and left many telephone messages and I still have no goods. There has not been a despatch notice, nor any reply to my emails and messages. This man should not be operating, he obviously...
Dayton, Ohio

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I ordered a tailbow collar made of suede (I knew that it was a custom order)... It was a $50 collar for my teacup yorkie. When the order came in, the collar was 2 sizes smaller than I was expecting and the company would not even let me exchange it! They advised me to buy another $50 collar. It is a joke. Absolutely rude and do not get back to you for days! After my purchase I have researched the...
Balgownie, New South Wales

DO Not order from LeaLean Pet Supplies. They do not send your order or refund money. The owner/s has been fined before for not fulfilling orders with many other customers under the business Sharlee Stockfeeds. They do not answer emails when you enquire where your order is and when contacted by SMS they lie about your order saying it has been sent. I have received no proof that my order was...
Orange, New South Wales

Lealean.com.au took my order for 3 lots of aquarium gravel and then when I didn't receive it proceeded to lie to me. First they said it was posted. Then when it didn't arrive I requested a refund. First they ignored me and now weeks later they refunded one order but refuse to refund the other 2. This has been going on for 6 weeks now. Do not buy from them, they are fraudulent and dishonest. If...

I have a cribber and saw an ad for this anti-cribbing collar in a horse magazine. I was willing to try this collar because it was different and used a mild static shock to deter the horse from cribbing. I paid $210 for the aluminum “wings” after reading a review on this website for the collar that said the plastic wings had broken. $210 is expensive but was willingly to pay for it if it stopped...
Melbourne, Victoria

Ordered items on 2 Feb, after almost 3 weeks and no reply to email after being told they order was sent to warehouse for shipping nothing has still arrived.. $195.00 worth. It took several days to even confirm order. Its now 20th feb no returning multiple emails will be going to bank for charge back. Ordered items on 2 Feb, after almost 3 weeks and no reply to email after being told they order...
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