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When it comes time to post a complaint, in some cases, it is hard to define what category it belongs to. For example, a restaurant review concerning awful cuisine can go to the food section, and the poor quality of products in a supermarket may also refer to the same category. There are certain companies and services that do not fit in any of the above mentioned categories. For example, what ... Show more
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I needed help getting a logo for my upcoming business venture. I was pretty disappointed with my ongoing bad experiences with few local designers who were unable to deliver proper concepts and designs. Although I was doubtful about Web Solution Centre but the moment I spoke to Gurjeet, I was kind of relieved. This Company cares about your needs and treats you on a priority basis. Web Solution...

Party Max, Opa-Locka, Florida and owner, Gaston Bencaquen is a rip-off. We rented about $3,000 of equipment for an event that was going to happen in several weeks from the Party Max, Miami store. (Now out of business and operating in Opa-Locka) Within days of placing the order, the event was cancelled and we called to cancel the order. We NEVER received any rental equipment. After giving us a...
Rochester, New York

I have a few hundred minutes but no calls go through except calls to CUSTOMER Service. They go through right away. I went to Rochester NY. For the entire trip of 8 hours in the city, I had 5 calls out of maybe 25 calls I tried to make go through. the calls all had dead silence. The only calls that went through the first time and each time were CUSTOMER serviced who barely spoke English, repeated...
Manteo, North Carolina

We bought in 2008 and have never been in it. Everytime we tried to get reservations they had nothing available. A group of at least 150 people filed a class action law suit with an attorney in Florida that handled the case for over a year. All of sudden he dropped the case and tried to say he never heard of any of us. Well that told us real quick Westgate bought him out. I guess you just can't...
Mount Laurel, New Jersey

New employee told me I owed one amount but charged my another amount twice. The manager only agreed to refund one charge and I never got my pizza. The manager told me to call 1800 dominos to put in a complaint but that a store locator line. I got hung up on twice. The store locator line told me to call the 734 number that is closed until 8 am. Everything about this experience sucked! The store...
Doylestown, Pennsylvania

I've had 3 PC shows before and never had a consultant ask me to pay for the food she was preparing. I went to a show last night with intentions of booking and she told me I had to pay for the food. I told I wasn't interested then. As far as I'm concerned that's part of your businesses tax write-off. I personally think she is ripping people off! I found out later she had the host buy way to...
Sag Harbor, New York

Four years age a bought a Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier for by basement. I paid $1400 for it. I could have bought a GE or similar machine for under $200 but I wanted a quality machine that would last a long time. Last week the Santa Fe stopped working. I called customer service and was told that they do not have service techs in my area and that I would have to ship it back to them at my expense...
Rochester, New York

I have complained before you potatoes have black spot in every one- Block spot can be caused by many thing -Black spots are not editable- this should be a corporate concern -since no one gives a *** on the local level- I don't want my money back- I want food that is editable- After cleaning the potatoes you are not getting ten lbs- Just because you give the money back does not solve the problem-...
Anchorage, Alaska

The customer service rep became annoyed when I asked a question regarding a particular engines displacement, and horsepower, and refused to transfer me to anyone else when I asked her to do so as it was apparent that she lacked any knowledge of the products of the company she represents. Don't bother calling these guys if you have a question. They will merely blow you off. It would be nice if...
Biloxi, Mississippi

I ordered a Deluxe arrangement of some flowers to send my granny that lives several hundreds of miles away. Yesterday was her 71st birthday! I also paid extra for the "expedited delivery" (guarantees your flower delivery within 4 hours). Five hours after placing my order I had to call fromyouflowers and I was told they have been unable to locate a florist that would do my arrangement. They only...
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