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Newspapers, books and magazines are the oldest source of printed media in the world. They deliver news, professional opinions, statistics, fiction, advertising, entertainment and amusement. Issues in the area may arise both for readers and authors. Subscribers in most cases have to face inconsistent subscriptions, delivery failures, annoying telemarketing calls, overwhelming ads, etc. Authors, on ... Show more
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Cape Town, Western Cape

Hi there - I live in RSA - I found Tracy's books when visiting America (working holiday on ski-resorts) about 15 years ago. I loved everything I saw and started following her from time to time. Last night I thought I will give her (website) a visit and much to my surprise found all of this and the new blog!!!! I never bought anything from her since it is too expensive (and with no shipping to SA)...

saying they were "out of stock". Don't they keep inventory. Several months later it was list again at a much higher price. When I asked them to honor the previous price, they said, again, that they were "out of stock". Why did they relist if this were not so. I had to tell them to take that down many times before that actually removed the listing. Just recently I found the same book, with a good...
Sheffield, England

It has come as a shock to find 30% of Royalty is withheld for US tax. Having looked at ways to reclaim this tax... speaking as someone who has never set foot in the US... I find it impossable to negotiate the american tax system. I think you should make it clear from the begining that tax has to be paid to America. In England we do not pay any tax on paper materials, ie books magazines,...

Bonjour je suis une animatrice a la radio "Radio Shalom" 1650 AM et une infirmière de 24 ans avec un dossier avec mon Ordre impeccable avec trois enfants âgé 3, 5 et 6 ans. Je suis travailleuse autonome avec une clinique prive. La Journaliste Marie Ève Dumont du Journal de Montréal et de Québec a publié un article de ma personne souillant mon nom avisant que je souffrais de problèmes de santé...
Spring, Texas

These people did the same to me. I started getting magazines and could not find a return address or contact to cancel them. I tossed the magazines in the recycle bin as they were about stuff I had no interest in. 4 months later they call to renew the subscription and when I say to cancel it they claim I had been receiving the product and the cancellation period had passed. How can the...
Geneva, Illinois

Ordered July 2013 and never received my subscription. Phone calls and emails went unanswered. Join the line for rip-off company. Their web site said it would take 90 days to receive a monthly renewal and my credit card company says I have 90 days to file a complaint. How convenient! 800 number was disconnected and regular line you could only leave a message. No call back. Emails were never...

Now listen my children and you will hear, a horror story that seems unreal. In Oct of 2012 I ordered a book from John Kings bookstore for $2500 plus shipping. The book was signed by Harry Truman to my Grandfather. The book was to remain a part of my father's estate, but was sold at auction by my father's eighth wife. I was ecstatic to find the book and was more than happy to pay Kings price to...
Montreal, Quebec

Souillage de nom "Un article publié du Journal De Montréal m'accusent d'avoir des problèmes de sante mentale. Je suis une animatrice à Radio Shalom, une infirmière et une mère de trois enfants. Je vous demande de faire retracte le plus vite possible. Marie Ève Dumonte du Journal de Montréal a publié un cote d'une grosse guerre familiale au niveau du patrimoine de mon père et soulier mon nom le...
Downers Grove, Illinois

Watch Doubleday and companies like this if you subscribe to them they will automatically renew your subscription with asking you and did not even notify me what they did - I have written to their customer service on line and by mail and they are not even responding to my requests that I do NOT want their book program. As I can see it, they are trying to get me to pay into the program which I no...
Reedsville, West Virginia

I am interested in genealogy and found a site that offered newspapers etc. I placed an order for one year. I thought I had found another site and ordered from it also. It was supposed to be a trial period but I was charged immediately for one year subscription. When I seen the mistake I canceled the second order and wrote them explaining the mistake. I have yet to receive my refund and I'm upset...
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