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Life and Casualty Insurance Complaints and reviews

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As far as many risks for person’s life and property exist, and as long as a person can damage a third party, insurance system will subsist. Insurance roughly speaking is relations between assurer and assured on the protecting of property interest of individual or juridical party at occurrence of contingency at the expense of insurance founds. Insurance conception is divided on life insurance, ... Show more
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Los Angeles, California

There trying to bill me I told them i dont want it they keep coming up with different ways to cancel each rep says something different RIP COMPANY each time i email them i get a different agent saying to send info about me i do it they sent another letter asking for something else I mailed the bill with cancel on it lets see if that works if it does not will file a complant with the FTC and any...

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People these days are just twisted horrible control freaks it's a sick joke. I called a sale number to speak with someone abt an error on an application. I got this Nasty woman who really just wanted to take control of the conversation be rude to me I mean she was white trash fat ugly and had to treat me in this derogatory way. Why are people these days so rude??? I'm calling in to ask a...
Miami, Florida

I did receive the proceeds from Foresters Life Insurance It took 9 days from the time my claim form was received. I had complained about not receiving check last night but I did receive it. I was skeptical due to complaints I have seen online They did well by me. I never received the claim form via us mail so I had to call to request it to be faxed. I thought the check had met the same fate as...
Hollywood, Florida

My brother died and left a $10,000 life insurance policy to me, his sister. He had debts under my name and being a concerned and loving brother he paid for years on this policy. He passed in Feb 15, 2014. I waited weeks to get the "alledged mailed claims application" I ended up calling the Canada office and they faxed it to me. I then mailed it USPS tracking no. incl. and they received it two...
Tucson, Arizona

Have been attempting to collect on my deceased dad's annuities for two months. When I requested the claim forms, I was told that it would take 3-5 business days to receive them, however, it actually took 25 days and 4 phone calls before I received them. I submitted the claim forms on Feb. 28, 2014. Contacted Protective a week later to find out the status of my claim. Was told by clerk that the...
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Continuous calls to Glob Life and you get the run around. Each representative tells you something different. I've been waiting for alleged paperwork to convert my term policy to whole life policy and nothing has come via us mail or email. How about I have been waiting for 2 months and received nothing. Of course they tell you they will be happy to cancel your policy and make no attempt to keep...
Phoenix, Arizona

Received a voice mail about a career opportunity, but they didn't say what it was. When I returned the call, they stated they saw my resume on careerbuilder.com and was interested. They followed that statement by saying "We would like you to come in for an interview if your still looking for work." Since I am a person who reads between the lines...I noticed she did not state what TYPE of...
Sulphur Springs, Texas

If I could actually speak to a live person, I would ask them to please STOP sending life insurance mailers to my deceased husband. I find it not only a source of great pain to be constantly reminded of his recent death, but also very offensive that their marketing people obviously don't review the demographics of their potential customers. I'm already grieving, so please stop these insensitive...
Newark, New Jersey

We are trying to get my mother approved for Medicaid and needed proof of policies and values and have been trying for over 4 weeks and get no where with them. They promise us that they will send the information then do nothing. So we can not get the coverage with Medicaid that my mother needs, way to go Globe, shafting an elderly woman, hope you all can sleep at night. She has paid into her...
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