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Law is a system of rules created to maintain order and protect harm to persons and property. Today, most countries have tens or hundreds pages of law. Laws are enforced by the police, supported by court and prison systems. Laws are written by legislators, such as senators or congressmen. In America and many other countries, laws must uphold and not contradict the Constitution, a document ... Show more
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Miami, Florida

It has been 3- years since I started my case with Binder & binder & I have gotten nowhere with them. For my trail they sent a teenager to represent me in the courtroom & the representative was scared of the judge because he said that she was an old lady with a bad attitude & that he had several more cases with her that day. Finally the representative barely even spoke in the...
From mobile #483769
Myles Breiner Attorney
3.5 years later with 2.5 to go my husband sits in prison after using Myles. He just didn't care. He did absolutely nothing for us -- I could have done a better job. Please don't hire Myles!
From mobile #483554
Lexington Law
Hi, just letting people know that this company is a scam. I got charged $13 by a guy name Paulino. Week after $100 again without my knowledge.
Johnson City, New York

litvin law firm is a ripoff business they took me for over $6000 said they save my home from forecloser all they did within a year get me a one month delay on sheriff sale got another lawyer went under chapter 13 to save my home only had two weeks to get this started as LITVIN LAW FIRM never let me know. i ask for a refund from them they sais no way turn them in to NY STATE BAR ASSOC. AND FTC ...
Las Vegas, Nevada

I had a bad experience with Cordell & Cordell. Specifically, Brandon K. Leavitt. I found that he was unprepared in court and didn't pay attention to details. At the divorce court hearing, he allowed a nickel and dime lawyer to run circles around him. He had no response to their allegations and instructed me to not speak out. He allowed what others at his law firm called one of the most...
London, London

Tim took from me £1500 and promised to investigate one of my employees, but the only thing he delivered was a standard Credit Check report??? I could have bought this report for £50. UK Private Investigators (Timothy) promised a full report including past of the employee, criminal records, fines, etc. But delivered only a shi**ty report which he bought of some website. Do not hire this company...

Even though the I have quoted from the letter we received from the Sate of New York Grievance Committee for the Tenth Judicial District in which they state that "Clear remendies at law exist with respect to your dissatisfcation." and sending a copy, when I can, of my last letter to Charles Binder. No one will step up and help us get justice for what was done to my amputee husband during the...
Salt Lake City, Utah

The attorneys at Cordell and Cordell are well trained at holding things up just to get more money. They have no idea how to return a phone call, fill out a form, or keep track of all your documents. My ex husband spent twice as much money for his attorney at Cordell and Cordell than I did elsewhere and my attorney was the one who did all the legwork and wrote up all our documents. And as far as...
Marissa, Illinois

After paying out over $27000 I would've come out better if I would've just walked away and not hired an attorney. If I would've just walked away I would've lost just about everything and I wouldn't still be over $17000 in debt. They are after billable hours and that's it. Anything they can do to run up the bill will be done. I supposedly got the "family friend" rate, we'll they tried to change...
Queens, New York

Gehi & Associates is run by the biggest *** in Immigration Law, Naresh Gehi, who has an accent so thick and breath so bad, you would think that he has a mouthful of *** while he is speaking to you. How this *** Indian immigrant *** ever passed the Bar Exam is a true study in miracles because he can not even recite the Pledge of Allegiance without sounding like a cab driver doing hits of...
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