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Laptops and Tablets Complaints and reviews

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Convenience and necessity of laptops is doubtless and can not be overestimated. These small and mobile devices also known as notebooks can perform almost the same operations and are equipped with the same facilities as desktop computers. A laptop is powered by power supply (network) and can be used away from an outlet using a rechargeable battery which now can keep the charge for 4-5 hours ... Show more
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I bought my grand-kid a nabi 2 in Jan 2013. She used it sparingly and wasn't impressed with the pre-loaded apps. We tried to load different apps and the nabi would never keep a Wi-Fi connection. After 10 to 15 calls where the customer service rep would walk us thru 'how to do this and that'. the same problem remained. Suddenly this passed March 2014, a customer rep informs me "Oh, ya that's a...
Mesquite, Texas

Paid payments never received my computer they got $399.00 and I never received my computer. I talked to them over and over again they said if I would pay $89.00 I would get the computer sent to me. They would not refund my money the computer was supposed to be sent after first payment cleared they just gave me the run around. I want my money back they are crooks. This happened several years ago....

I bought a samsung ativ pro has a malfunction went to the maintenance center Samsung in Egypt and unable to Repaired since 03/30/2014 maintenance of Samsung in Egypt very bad customer service fare worse off and this will affect your sales and your reputation in Egypt possible you watch Page Samsung Egypt on Facebook to know how the problems we face in Egypt. I hope customer care in Egypt, where...
Palm Springs, California

look everybody wants to make a statement when they have a problem, if course I get it but I gotta say how much better it is for once to be able who comment when a company should be recognized for exceptional servicr and integrity... in my 22 years of dealing with staples in NJ and throughout California my experienceswith the company, their stores, with on site resentatives have been absolutely...
Rockville, Maryland

My laptop model is toshiba s55, windows 8, 64 bit processor and 16gb ram. My laptop gets overheated quite often even when I don't charge it! It does not get shut down properly and when I try to on it, sometimes it has problem in opening properly! I have spent around 900$ and I have to use it regularly! Please do something or replace it with a new one ! I need immediate reply because I don't want...
Cicero, Illinois

Upon ordering a new y500 laptop on lenovo's website a glitch happened. A message appeared saying my order could not be processed and to call the 800 number to order which I did. I called and ordered a New y500 series laptop fully loaded. After checking e-mail I noticed I was charged from the glitch online plus the order after calling in. Luckily after calling back immediately a rep. Canceled one...
Long Beach, California

I created an account on gazelle.com on March 12, in preparation of shipping my seldom used macbook. I was quoted a price of $170.00, I had heard about gazelle from Leo Leporte on KFI here in Los Angeles he spoke very highly of gazelle so I thought since I don't use the macbook often I was willing to part ways with the laptop and I thought to myself that I could certainly get more from Craigslist...

I attempted to contact Kaspersky antivirus and the screen that came up had a 1-866 number to call. I believed I was calling Kaspersky but it turned out to be iYogi. The young lady who I spoke to was a fast talker who told me my computer had a virus and many junk files and needed to be cleaned for it to work properly. She only gave me the option of a three year membership for $299.99. She kept...

My mom bought me an iRola tablet for Christmas and I have been loving it. Yes, it is slow and it it no where near as good as I expected, but it gets the job done. Well I was using it until recently when all of a sudden the screen went blank and has been a bright white color ever since... I see NMR customer relations team is around to help resolve other people's issues with this iRola tablet...
Gray, Kentucky

I buy a samsung laptop for $400 cash also a tv at the same time on the frist day I get the tv the booklet and remote was missing I had to pay $20 on a taxi to pick up the stuff that was missing with no apologe, that was the 4 of march and on the 28 of march I return to bay plaza with the laptop bc the key borad key pop up with out a reason, I take it back to the shop asking for a exchange bc it...
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