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Luxury / Jewelry Complaints and reviews

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Probably it will be difficult to find a woman absolutely indifferent to jewelry. From the immemorial time women have been decorating themselves, applying improvised materials in a raw, primitive kind - bones, stones, skin and teeth of animals, plants, cockleshells etc. With the lapse of time the list of materials for making ornaments has extended, manufacturing techniques of ornaments have become ... Show more
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Origami Owl
I purchase a necklace, locket and charms. Within a few months the locket and chain tarnished horribly. They would not buff back to normal color with a cloth like the company claims. Defective product
Lake Grove, New York

I have been a customer of piercing pagoda over the last 2 years. I have spent over $1,500 in jewelry and have been very pleased also encouraging friends and family to shop at piercing pagoda as well. I have been respected and very satisfied with the service at the Lake Grove location in the Smith Haven Mall. The store # is 611. On April 19, 2014 at I had went to this location at 6:20pm where...
Claremore, Oklahoma

in 2013 I spent over $100.00 at 2 different parties and purchased among other things, one of the large living lockets with jewels.....a few weeks ago I noticed that the glass on the back of the locket had started to crack (today I notice that a piece of glass has actually fallen out), the only thing holding my birthstones in the locket is the back plate of "blessed" that I have in it. Last week...
Eugene, Oregon

I took my fiance` into Fred Meyer Jewelers to look at wedding bands. While we were there I asked for my heirloom engagement ring to be cleaned. The jewelry associate informed me that there was some structural problems with my ring and that it needed to be repaired. They said they would call me within the week to let me know when I could pick it up. I never received a phone call. I had to call...
Dayton, Ohio

I really love their stuff, but their customer service sucks. I spent 40 on a locket broke the glass piece, sent it back two weeks before 2013 Christmas still never recived it and is April of 2014. Do not know if I ever will. Disappointed!!!! I also purchased charms and was going to add on a chain untill all this happened. So spent a lot of money. Really love my charms and would love to be able...

I should have saved my hard-earned money. This is very expensive costume jewerly. The locket is nice and seems better quality than the necklace and necklace dangles, but time will tell. Maybe it was the poor lighting at the party or I had too many alcoholic beverages, because I didn't notice how cheap the necklace is until it was delivered to my home. It doesn't even seem like metal. Almost like...
Houston, Texas

Beware charges to your purchase, particularly being automatically charged for Fred Meyer Jewelers' (FMJ) Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan (LJCP). While the 'lifetime' insurance plan *appears* to be better than its competitors as it addresses lost stones or ring re-sizing, I personally don't go for it, as it is an added cost, particularly since the jewelry I happened to select at FMJ would be for...
Witney, England

I don't honestly know if this company is just one illabirate scam but I ordered my item 3 months ago now after them claiming that it would arrive within a month. I've sent about half a dozen emails and they havnt responded to most of my emails or picked up when I called. This company will scam you if your money and you will not hear from them again. My recomendation is to find another way to get...
Plantation, Florida

Jared's rips customers off, plain and simple. In the fine print they make you sign, they add life insurance with them named as the beneficiary. When I asked, they told me it was standard, they get in trouble if they don't include the payment protection plan, but they delete it afterwards, NOT TRUE. When I went back to pick up my ring, they told me it was already deleted but a week later when I...
Pace, Florida

Put a ring on layaway, and had several family emergencies occur along with my husband being deployed to Afghanistan. I called the store regarding the layaway money wanting it returned (willing to have them keep a small service fee) and they insist that there are no refunds only in store credits. I was NEVER told that, nor given any paperwork stating that. I was told I could "change my mind" and...
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