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Creation of the Internet has changed the history course. At the present time so many people in civilized society cannot imagine their lives without this international computer network that connects people and establishments, educational institutions, government agencies, and industry. And now such words as domain, website and e-commerce are neologisms no more. We effectively and pretty often use ... Show more
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Saint Paul, Minnesota

I signed up for internet service online a year ago. The day the service was supposed to start I hooked up their modem and no service. Called and they had no record of my service agreement. Money spent and money lost. Called to sign up for service the second time, again they never called to confirm the start date and they close before 5pm mountain time and aren't open Saturday or Sunday. ...
Grand Rapids, Michigan

this the latest version and it is nothing but junk. one no thunder clap sound and two there is no way to get to the weather.com website. and three now they have a auto update. I would rather have a version that works then forced to install a version that is junk. version 7.59.99 works great with no problems. way to go weather channel people paying for ads that wont be seen. this problem has been...
Mountain View, California

I went to Spokeo.com to look for a friend's phone number and address. On their pay site, I entered my credit card and purchased momthly membership on Dec 2013 . I was fine paying for it. As following Spokeo instruction, I canceled the membership on Jan 2014. Now , I got 5 credit card statements for last 5 month for almost $100 on my credit card! Spokeo.com took my credit card, charged it and...
Corunna, Michigan

On April 8, we called Charter Comm. to pay our account with one of our credit cards. They did this AFTER charging another of our credit cards for the same amount when we requested that they not do so. We have made three calls to date to get refunded the amount they overcharged and we get a different answer each time we call them! All we want is our money back! How can a company get away with...
New York City, New York

They force you into entering your Credit Card Details and then make it impossible for you to cancel the account! I have currently waited 40 minutes for somebody to take my call. I hat companies that operate like this! I will never use you again! I would rather post my mail! I´m still waiting for their service now and I don´t understand why companies like these are still around as they belong to...
Dallas, Texas

Submitted on 04/15/2014 My real estate company utilized Z57 websites services for over a decade. One of our office managers and I as an officer of our company were the point of contact for z57 since 2005. The OM and I had numerous correspondences regarding upgrades and changes over the numerous years of z57 service. Z57's service began to slide and their products were deemed to not be relevant or...

HIBU had messed up my ad for 2 years. So I was due a refund for all 2 years. It was my fault the ad was not checked but they ran in an area we don't work. So, they couldn't just cut me a check. They made me advertise more. So I picked an Impression plan. Of coarse I had to pay another $1500. It started bad. They promised Facebook heavy and 400,000 impressions a month. Instead, I had...
Phoenix, Arizona

We purchased some website design services from Ray Nunez from PMG Studios and he took our money and ran. We heard from him twice and then poof he moved and we never heard from him again... We lost out on $1500 and had to hire someone else to do our website what a douche bag he is and oh yeah he is also partners with AC Caswell from Future Pro who we are looking into suing to get our money back......
Freeport, New York

Started on February first got service from optimun apparently they were only going to charge me $115 including tax. Not even one week of service I got a bill for almost 180 dollars. Change my service to verizon by the end of February, I had an emergency had to leave the country for about 3 weeks by the time I came back optimun told that I have to wait until the end of April to get credit they...
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