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Auto Insurance Complaints and reviews

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It is said that the driver is the most dangerous unit of the car. To protect yourself from unwanted consequences of accidents you should better take care of auto insurance. Auto insurance is used to provide protection from physical damage caused by traffic accidents and from liability that could also appear afterwards. Frequently it is obligatory to have vehicle insurance before keeping or using ... Show more
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Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania

Allied Insurance has got to be the worst company ever. For multiple months they insisted on keeping our auto policy at full tort when we selected limited tort in PA. After multiple faxes, e-signs, and phone calls, they are insisting our policy was full tort from the get go. Never mind they lied about the forms we signed and mailed back, and the faxes where I circled and starred limited tort...
From mobile #483921
Progressive Insurance
Every time I call Progressive they tell me something different about the documentation I need to provide. 3 times I got what they asked for, sent it to them and they say they can't accept it.

Before they raised my premium, I received a letter that asked for my action. I did. I told them I made a mistake when filling the form that asked for my prior insurance bodily injury limits. The truth is I don't even remember whether I keyed it wrongly. They said the amount I gave them is inconsistent with the public record. Anyway, after they put me onhold for awhile they told me the...
From mobile #483435
Titan Auto Insurance
I got a policy on April 2nd,I called to cancel April 5..I have to keep calling and no one can tell me when I am going to get my money back. Worst insurance ever!
East Richmond Heights, California

I called to cancel my insurance with them after about 3 or 4 days and the lady told me that I would get my payment back. it's been two weeks and I haven't gotten my money back so I called the lady That helped me and said I would get all my money back 4 times all day and left a voicemail and no answer! I don't want to talk bad about this insurance but if they are stilling from people they need to...
New York City, New York

We purchased the "ultimate" coverage package for $2,500 and were advised upon purchasing it that 80% of the car would be covered under it for a $100 deductible. One month after purchasing the warranty, we found out that a number of things were wrong with the car totaling $4,700. The repairs included a radiator cap, cabin air filter, valve gasket cover, idler pulley, serpentine drive belt, oil...
Kingsburg, California

We have eSurance for about 7 years and have never had an issue with them; they are underwritten by Allstate. My husband let a friend borrow his truck and his truck was broadsided by another driver on the way back to our place. eSurance was great about the whole incident and worked with me, I'm the primary policy holder for our vehicles, to get the whole thing resolved. The Allstate underwriters,...
Los Angeles, California

Hi my name is Max! i live in Los angeles, I had infinity for 4 years, when one of my cars got stolen they did not return my calls, never called me back, i could never contact the adjuster supposably she was on vocation! so after i decided to change insurance i got different insurance company! Than insurance send me bill for $ 142.32 i ignorded they put me on collection, than 2 monthes later they...
Dayton, Ohio

My transmission went out I took it to a transmission shop. So when it came down to getting it fixed an inspector came out checked it out. it took forever and my mechanic was mad for me when after a week later that they wont pay for the repairs. I couldn't talk to anyone at the company why it was denied they are cheats and just want my money. NO ONE SHOULD EVER JOIN THIS COMPANY THEY ARE...

I was in the market looking for a new auto insurance company ( i know they all suck) well anyways after of already getting quotes from two prior companies i was semi used to the getting a quote process but there process was completely different they told me my insurance was going to be higher because the people i lived with had to be on the coverage which was not a factor on any of the other...
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