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In order to make your appliances work properly, your furniture to function long and look good, home installation services are provided. Installation services are as well required when furnishing and decorating offices. Installation services are provided for appliances, kitchen, bath and plumbing, flooring, windows and doors, window treatments, lighting, home environment, and outdoors. ... Show more
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Herndon, Virginia

We were SCAMMED, plain and simple. The owner of the Austin-based company came out, plead his case, and we were taking like big fish....hook, line, and sinker. Are we embarrassed? *** right. If I can save one person from this useless, overpriced, rip-off of a water system, then I feel a little less vengeful. I knew we should have gone with a reputable company in our area, but I did not follow...
San Diego, California

↳ In response to: Bath Fitter - Not what I thought I was getting

Hi, thank you for your feedback, we appreciate you taking the time to let us know about your experience. If you find any issues with your shower, please write to our customer service team at customercare@bathfitter.com and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you.
Laurel, Maryland

I had this system installed in 2010. If this truly is a "lifetime" warranty then why are they not using stainless steel screws/washers to install them? The rust from their screws streaked down the new gutters that I had installed at the same time. I spoke to a rep at the Philadelphia Flower Show about it and was told that there should not be rust. Someone from the company came out to replace...
Ladera Ranch, California

Bought W/D and since my Laundry is on third floor, I had them deliver and install (I also didn't have help to stack them). They never actually check to see if it was level OR even tested gas connections for leak. Next morning the place smelled of gas (even downstairs) called store mid-morning and they couldn't get crew out all day. They did however call me at work every 3 hours to see if I had...
Phoenix, Arizona

I got a purionics water softener for my house in 2012 but the sales person never told us that the system required new filters every year and that it was going to cost me $150 every time and to make matters worst ijust realize they are over charging me more than other customers the $8000 that the system cost me its more than the $6000 or less that other customers are paying .all this company...
Crown Point, Indiana

They said the first day the installer got into a accident and the second day the salesman's didn't measure right. But come to Find out he gave me a cheaper carpet after I told him I didn't want that and lied to me. I found that out when they were trying to install it. I asked to talk to a manager 5 times and could never talk to one. There were suppose to call me 2 different times back and never...

Kitchen fitted fine but .... the job could not be completed as the fitters did not have all the fittings. So we paid in full - big mistake! We were lead to believe that the remedial work would not be an issue. 3 appointments were made for fitters to come out - they turned up once with a damaged part and twice did not turn up at all. No apology, never a call back from anyone in authority,...
Miamisburg, Ohio

I came to the TA in Eaton OH, on 4/7/14 8pm.i needed a water pump install. They got me in about 9:45pm the start to work, then came to me an said, he never did a job like that an didn't feel comfortable doing it. But the guy that does do that type of job he will be in at 5am, he will do it.so leave your truck in the bay and he get right on it.The lady at the counter confirm it, said yes I'll let...

The first problem was water leaking in between the original tub and the liner that rebath installed. After rebath replaced the liner ( which I had to pay for the re-installation ) and less than 2 years later there are now air pockets between the liner and tub. The Ma. office is now telling me that the tub must not be an exact fit and corporate office will not fix the problem. Bottom line - DO...
Camden, New Jersey

They were supposed to deliver a washer and dryer last saturday. They only showed up with the dryer. Re-scheduled for Sunday. Told me I needed a part for the install. They installed it on sunday without the part. (I didn't need it) Washer doesn't work correctly. Sounds like a 747. Scheduled a new washer to be delivered on Thursday. Message said they would be here at 4 PM. They showed up at...
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