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A resort is a place where people go to relax and have fun during holidays or vacations. The most popular resort towns are Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt, Barizo of Spain, Cortina d'Ampezzo of Italy, Nice or French Riviera of France, to name just a few. As a rule resorts are placed in exotic areas, in the mountains or at the sea side and ocean. Resorts are sometimes misused to identify a hotel. However, ... Show more
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Leisure Getaways
I had a presentation with a young man from Leisure Getaways in Atlanta last year. I was updated on some new changes and also added more points to my program. We're very happy! Not all bad apples!
Cardiff, Wales

Since the purchase, costing £99 ,the Heywood Mount Hotel went into liquidation and although NCROWD confirmed they had corresponded with KGB to confirm that a refund could be issued there has been no sign of the credit on my card.I have sent around 20 e mails but Ncrowd dont answer them.They took over from KGB and their company is totally incapable of handling customer complaints efficiently ...or...

I am currently an employee for Travelers Advantage, and its a shame to see how many negative reviews is on here regarding how TA is a scam. First off, Let me start by saying this... Everyone here is clearly 18 years old or older otherwise you would not be able to enroll in this service. Secondly, for the people who has posted that they were "automatically" enrolled in this service without their...

I was robbed in my hotel room. Security cameras were not working. Westin did nothing to assist in the aftermath. And when contacting the corporate management later, their response was essentially "come back again." Text of the email I wrote to them: A year ago this month, I checked into one of your Westin hotels. Living overseas, I was returning Stateside for a long trip and looking forward to...
Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit

We feel that we have been greatly misled by the bliss vacation club salesman in Nuevo Vallarta. The property is beautiful but we were not interested in buying another timeshare since we just purchased one last year in Mexico and are upset and frustrated since we found out that the actual weekly cost of the suite size we visualized and spoke about using has drastically increased due to new...

I tried to pay my Festiva Resorts Timeshare maintenance fees in January when they were due. I was not able to log on the their website to do so, so I tried to contact them via email. I explained the problem and asked someone to call me - all to no avail. I did receive a reply telling me I used the incorrect email address to log on with. I even tried to call. I know my email address so that was an...
Danvers, Massachusetts

I chose the Mariot by hilton in conway new hampshire based on its location and the chain name. Assuming only the best from this Brand name conglomerate. I was not only given a room with razor sharp cracks in the bathroom tile. Dirt in a circular print on the white tile. Thats lazy housekeeping. We paid full price no AAA Discounts accepted as was opposite on website. I was double charged for the...

She was sold on the Blue Green. She said it will force us to go on more vacations. She was so pissed at me for not going along with the scam. It almost ruined our marriage. I'm so glad that I didn't follow her because I now see that it was all a scam. I'm surprised at her because she's usually the one to be aware of such thing but I guess she was weak. They gave her coffee and when she has...
Washington, District Of Columbia

I faxed the credit card authorization form to the hotel as always along with my conf. #. The night of check in a week after faxing it down the front desk cleck tell my people he cann't read the exporation date on the form and they had to call me to travel twenty minutes back into work to rewrite it so he could read it. They had the orginal card on them and I'm a Marriott reward member and he...
Kissimmee, Florida

Do not stay in this hotel. The website and the brochure on the front counter says the weekly rate is only $229 but after you check in they charge you $390 a week plus a $100 deposit. About 2 hours after I checked in when I realized they over charged me I went back to the front desk to ask about it and the rude worker told me to pay it or get out. When I asked here why its so much more she said...
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