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Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers, Doctors Complaints and reviews

Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers, Doctors reviews,Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers, Doctors complaints reviews, file complaint, post Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers, Doctors reviews, Read reports
Doctors/specialists are licensed medical practitioners. Before starting any kind of treatment one should definitely undergo medical examinations and get relative consultation of a specialist. Physicians and surgeons diagnose illnesses, prescribe and administer treatment for people suffering from injury or disease. Physicians examine patients, obtain medical histories, and order, perform, and ... Show more
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Listen, y'all all need to get a life and get over this middle school BS.. I was an employee there for awhile, but I quit months ago. Some of what is stated on here is true, BUT...IT IS A JOB. If you do your work the way you're supposed to, nothing will happen! Honestly, who gives a *** what people do in their personal lives. I'm pretty sure everyone on this earth does something that God wouldn't...
Houston, Texas

The nursing staff at Westbury were rude, non-communicative, made fun of the patients for the problems they were experiencing and provided no information about the medications they were providing. Furthermore, the staff provided no assistance to the patients on what the dismissal process was, or even how the patient should go about having family come to pick them up. The staff prescribed...
Columbia, South Carolina

Listen, to all of you commenting backing them up, i'm going to say this real quick: All of the negative posts and comments are geared towards mainly three people; Dr. S, Lindsey, & Ms. Coleen. (also whoever this mysterious "Mr. T" is) The therapists, medication management, front desk girls (except Heather Jackson), Infinity nurses, insurance ladies (minus Michaela)... are all wonderful! The...
Manhattan, New York

1) Dr. Laurie Rice promised to send a prescription to Express Script pharmacy. She sent it but somebody from her office called canceling the prescription and nobody let me know about the cancellation. It was dishonest from Dr. Rice and the clinic because they kept me waiting for my medicine. 2) i was denied a copy of my medical records because the administration of the clinic wanted that I would...
Newark, New Jersey

A cult by definition-separates, inculcates and reintegrates. Which is exact what they do veiled behind what they call the program of AA, although they don't actual follow the "principals" themselfs or the staff. They treat the families like ***, are disingenuous and downright rude. In addition, professional organization knows families are some of the best informantes. Clients often under or over...
Portland, Oregon

i was raped by the doctor, and told that it didnt happen they worked on my stomach, but my *** hurt tremendously they will be hearing from my lawyer! I tried to tell the person in charge but they told me i was wrong. my *** would not stop bleeding for at least 3 weeks. they said i must have had a bad reaction to the drugs that i was giving? they must have giving me the date rape drug because i...
Indianapolis, Indiana

they stink! you never see a dr. and they skimp on the injections you pay for. NO results!!! "Decatur Vein Clinic is a rip off! You pay for the syringes ($300 a treatment) and then you buy support hose for around $70. my first treatment was 15 minutes long. The second was 45 minutes (different tech). At the end of 45 minutes she said my 45 minutes were up. So what did the first tech do with...
Leawood, Ks

I looked up lab corp locations online after my doctor's office said I could get my blood labs drawn at either a Quest Diagnostics or a Labcorp location. I chose Labcorp because there was a location next to my house. The hours for the location stated it closed at 4:30PM on Fridays and walk-ins are welcome. No other instructions. I decided to leave work an hour early so that I could arrive by...
Roswell, Georgia

So I went for a free consultation..i thought I was consulting with the Dr the whole time and when I asked her are you doing the procedure she said no" I'm not the doctor I'm the consultant "I was so confused she is a sales person definitely on commission the way she was acting telling me how pretty I am and how I have such a wonderful shape..so she asked how I was going to pay for this I told her...
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