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Your home is your fortress, where you can hide anytime from anything and anybody. Your home protection is the guarantee of your security. And it is much better to be sure that you are fully protected under your own roof. Home protection is a specialization of different kinds of private security and protection agencies in U.S. In their daily responsibilities list the house protection of each ... Show more
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These guys at ADT can't take No for an answer. They typically have their local office in the *** Burbs. False and ling advertising ; Free Reconnection (sloppy spelling) with purchase of their *** system. False; it is not 20% off the Home Insurance. False. they are not Professionals. *** Price $57.98. why not just $58 even, get over it. Charge this, charge that. and it cost more then the savings...
Denver, Colorado

Back in July 2013 I signed a 3-year contract and paid the full year up front. In March 2014 I purchased a house and called ADT about transferring services to the new address. ADT said I was entitled to relocation credits and by transferring service I would not accrue any additional fees. However, they stated that I would be charged a full year as they couldn't credit the account. They stated that...
Cleveland, Ohio

They are refusing to reimburse my deductible,due to a break in. I have tried since 12/13 to no avail,the latest correspondence from adt said that the police report stated that the entry was made through a window,this is true.But it also was not detected by the motion detectors in the home,also they went out the door which had the sensors.Still no detention. The service rep came the nite of the...
Bremerton, Washington

We signed up with Devcon Security almost 3 years ago and just last year Devcon let go of their shares here in Washington and gave our contract with Monitronics. Monitronics never sent us any information that they were taking over or any information about their company. What I hate most is that when we called about the situation and asked to cancel the person told us that we had no choice in that...
Granby, Connecticut

In June 2013, Safe Home Security acquired another home security company (LongHall) that I had used but I had canceled my contract with due to poor service in April 2013. The agreement by Long Hall was that they would discontinue service as of April 2013 but we would have to pay for the entire quarter which ended in June 2013 and that is what we reluctantly did. In March of 2014, Safe Home...
Houston, Texas

My phone screen showed "Armed Away" when I left the driveway. When I returned, I found the kitchen window smashed out and more than $20K of my possessions gone. When I called, I was put on hold in total for over an hour and told that I must not have set the alarm. They sent a tech to check the system. Imagine my surprise when he showed up (5 hours after I was told he would) and he had CLEARLY...

I bought a house with an ADT security system installed by the previous owner. I did not activate the system as we are a big family and someone is always here. After a few years of living in the house the alarm began going off each time we open a door. When it goes off we have to push a button on the keypad (clear or off). Unfortunately we cannot get it to stop doing this so every single time we...
Phoenix, Arizona

.....This company is very slow in answering the phone and after you contact them for a false alarm, you wait. You wait for the 1st person, then, they then transfer you to another person, you wait and the 2nd person then asks you your acct info first, then he transfers you, (you wait), the 3rd person asks you the same questions to cancel the alarm. On their message as you are waiting, they say...
Chandler, Arizona

My daughter had hired them as a Christmas present. Installer came on Jan 8 2014. Stated woman on phone was wrong about a sensor good for 4000 sq ft. Called his boss and told me and my visitor buy one get one free for 12 sensors. I said OK. After installation gave him my credit card and bill paid. Three months later on Friday night I get a call asking for my daughter. I stated she does not live...
Union, New Jersey

Have ADT Pulse at home. Feb 28th night, my house became very cold and found Pulse Thermostat blank and dead. Called ADT - said no 24 hr coverage for that problem with earliest service will be Monday, Mar 3rd but advised me to get my own electrician and send them the invoice and they will take care of it. Called back ADT- I said that I will wait for Mon and rep said OK, we will give priority to...
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