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Home Construction and Repair Complaints and reviews

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Have you ever been interested in how to build a house? How to plan it, what holds up the ceilings and the walls, what keeps the rain out, which and how much materials required and how much human resources required. In the U. S. there are more than 100 million housing units, and most of them are "single family habitations," or just houses. In towns, suburbs and in the country settlements, houses ... Show more
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Lithonia, Georgia

I recently hired a company called Metro Renovations to remodel a bathroom and paint a bedroom.The job required removing stucco type ceiling in the bedroom and bathroom of which the dust from the removal got through out the rest of my home due to Metro not properly closing off the area being worked in.This left a total mess for me to clean. The paint job was sloppily done because the previous...

I actually live in a community right now for lennar. I have to say I love our home, but I have a few things I don't like. One, they did three no call no show for our one year inspection. By the time they contacted us back about it our one year contract was up. The reason we got was because they only have one person at the moment to do the inspection. Yet they were the ones that did the...
Baltimore, Maryland

After 11 years, the stone siding is cracking terribly, air vent inside a coset by the door, wood floors cracking and wearing away, windows broke, and a siding on my home was put on even though it is the wrong color. More serious though, the ground the home and homes in the community have been built on is very poor. The dirt is so soft and I believe is the reason for the cracking in the walls...
Austin, Texas

We had this thieft come over and measure for a wine door and yes like everyone else we gave 1/2 down. No more than a week later I contacted him to set up a second and final measurement and no show,no call.. I asked for our money back and you guessed it... he turned into an ***!! We all need to get together and run this guy out of business.. Lets overload the DA or State Attorneys office so they...
Rochester, New York

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I had siding installed along with 11 new windows. The siding job started out smooth but the final day of install the installers were rushed as they had to get to another job so I had a doorbell installed sideways, pieces missing, siding put on the wrong way! Out of the 11 new windows only 9 were installed because 2 of them were measured wrong and since March 25th (today is April 17th) I am still...
Fort Myers, Florida

I live in a nice neighborhood (Lennar bought last 3 vacant lots) Lennar is building a home across the street from me in Fort Myers I came home yesterday to find several of the workers SLEEPING in my front yard, and a tractor trailer blocking my mailbox. I called the local director of construction. I was transferred to VM NO CALL BACK, so I Called the division President Darin McMurray Got VM. Does...
Louisville, Kentucky

In Louisville Kentucky I wanted a boom lift for my ham radio tower rebuild. The person (Jason) came out to my home and said that He could save me money and use a towed lift and bring it to my home. I agreed and then requested that Jason of the company bring out the lift and set it up so I could start to work with Him running the lift. Jason said He would come but He would never show up. For...
Highland Township, Michigan

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Worst Experience ever.. Do not build with lombardo homes. All it is excuse after excuse, we will tell you what you want to hear to make the buck. We purchased our home in June 2013. We were supposed to have completion date of November 2013. We didn't move in until February 2014. Lie after lie, missed deadline after missed deadline. They literally ruined my home building experience. Things...
Hickory, North Carolina

Stay away from this company. They are a ripp off. The detail of the work was poor, the quote was off, if you try to cancel they want to charge 20%. Look elsewere. Save your time and money. The sales woman was not honest , the customer service nonexsistant, the bathroom was installed with a damaged counter top, the tiles in bathromm cut uneven. Horrible company, what a mistake. SAVE YOUR MONEY...
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