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Health and Beauty Complaints and reviews

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As it was stated by World Health Organization, "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." It's important to take a good care of your health, as we all know prevention is better than cure. Proper diet, proper exercise, proper rest and living will keep anyone healthy. Vigorous exercise seems to create energy, ... Show more
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I had a prescription called into Katz pharmacy in Havertown, PA by a physician. It was not a narcotic. I received a call from the pharmacy that evening to tell me the prescription was ready to be picked up. When I arrived the next day, there was no prescription ready at all. And, the pharmacist gave me a hard time about filling it, though I have full insurance. I was very frustrated by my...
Springfield, Illinois

Can not contact or find a return address for this product. Do you have any advise.i can not find where I ordered this product. It seems to have vanished. Also no web site or return a address anywhere. My credit card company says I will have to pay for this product unless I can return it. I don't think this is right. If they make it impossible to return that shouldn't fall on the consumers lap....
Rancho Cucamonga, California

Well let me start off by saying that people will have their own opinion on all kinds of services. If you give attitude, then you receive the same! don't expect anything different! so when you are about to get serviced whether food, nails, hair, massage, facial the RULE is to be NICE. you will be surprised how many people walk around life with such negativity... ugly .. no one will want to service...

Many people in America think those people from Europe and those Victoria models or other European models don't use make up and are natural beauty. Media discovered that mostly al white women uses make up because the skin provides a too thin natural appeal on screen. May African and Asian women who are modelling show real appearance of urban skill color. Many white colored models are having a...
Phoenix, Arizona

I have shopped from Melaleuca since 1995. When I signed up the "Back Order" was explained and made sense, I selected the items I need each month and if I don't place an order the minimum is sent, about $75 and excellent deal considering the inferior store bought products would end up costing more in the long run and performance is far far inferior to the Melaleuca product. If you sign anything...

placed an order with them online 3rd of feb 2014,did not receive anything from them till date.Tried calling their customer care service centre numbers and sent them a lot of e mails have got no response from them. I think its a fraudulent website as it does not seem to have an office or contact centre anywhere.The only call that gets attended is the sales division who want to take an order.they...
Fair Oaks, California

What happen to me should be a crime. I am a senior on a fixed income and I had to save to buy this machine, I wanted to get healthy. I bough the Health Master in good faith, and I truly expected to get more the a 25-30 uses before being told I need to pay another $50.00 to replace the picture. 60 day warranty is to protect them not you the consumer. I am outraged and very pissed with Montell...
Heath, Ohio

I got stuck in Ohio with a dislocated shoulder for 5 days because of these ***....I have EDS type III, which is a rare joint congenital hypermobility syndrome (1/5000-1/20,000 people). They would not fill my doctor's emergency script, canceled it without any explanation (which the pharmacist in Madison, Wisconsin said he had never seen happen before). We're both high-functioning autistic (the...

I click on the "Free Trial" 3 months ago to try this product after looking at the info from the Dr. Oz site. I figured for $.95 it was worth a try. I took the product for a few weeks and it had no effect on my so i stopped taking it. Then another package came in the mail without me ordering anything. No paper work, no invoice, no email saying anything. I checked out my credit card statement and...
Fort Myers, Florida

In February 2014, I was approved to receive the forumula however my credit card was declined and that was GOOD because I had been advised by my doctor not to proceed with this harsh formula. I tried repeatedly to inform them. I called Roxie many times with no returned calls. Today over two months later, they have billed my credit card and of course I CANNOT reach anyone. This company is full...
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