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Health Insurance Complaints and reviews

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Health insurance is coverage for hospital, physician, and other medical expenses resulting from illness or injury. Whole life insurance may also be recognized as ordinary life, straight life or permanent life insurance. It is a life insurance policy that provides death protection for the insured person for the entire lifetime. An insurance payout is made to the contract's beneficiaries when the ... Show more
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Saint Simons Island, Georgia

Due to a policy stating my radiation treatment could not be covered because my cancer had spread to my brain, I was denied treatment. I am a 34 y/o single mom. I have stage 4 lung cancer. However, when the radiation was performed, my brain scans had been clear for nearly a year and only one tumor in my lung remained, the primary. They radiated that tumor. Now there is no visible sign of...
Lake Forest, California

My husband Paul has been seriously hospitalized several times. The first time was for stroke and broken hip. To bring him home I had to rent wheel and bed with trapeze. They were to deliver when we got home at 3 pm, did not deliver til 8:30 pm. It was very late by the time set up was completed. The trapeze fell on my husband. I was told that there was a one time payment but began receiving bills...
Carlsbad, California

4/15/2014 A few weeks ago I received a letter from a high level, possibly the CEO or vice president, employee of Blue Shield explaining how overwhelmed the company had become over the last few months due to the Affordable Care Act and the confusion and long waits it had caused. Basically it was an apology with a pledge of better service for the future. I just checked my phone time-on-hold...
Conyers, Georgia

Said all along that I would pay for three months and the insurance would cover everything and I would probably never be charged. After 2 months of calling and holding for 2 hours the story has changed big time and I am being billed every month. now they claim 10 months and the first night we got it delivered at 11pm after them trying to get out of promised same day delivery and signed something...

I was in a severe motorcycle accident, had 3 policies with Combine insurance, I was paid around $800 per coverage from my ER and hospital visits, I had major back surgery about 2 years later, but was told that surgery would not be covered because surgery did not happen in 90 days. I had the local rep at my house saying I was due 3000-4000 dollars. Then the excuse was they paid me $250 on my ER...
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I am an agent with Coventry Healthcare of Florida since the Affordable care act started on October 1, 2013. Coventry promised to pay commission by the end of February but has not paid as yet. They sent out one email in reference to commission since February and have not sent another one as yet. I tried to contact their commission department for weeks with no real success. I was promised on April...

Been paying for accidental coverage. Got hurt at work and workers comp was denied. No one calls you. I had an accident 3/8 and had to call 4/11 to find out that they did get the faxed denial letter and phone call from employer over a week ago and did absolutely nothing. On the phone call Deborah had the balls to say are you going to contest and if so she was going to hold the money. I said...
Ogden, Iowa

if you are getting "screwed" by any Insurance, you have to check this out at Least (almost) 10 Insurance companies "settled", out of court (I Believe), Humana for 250 Million , go to the Texas Medical Asso.'s Website for more on This, and You can Contact me at INTO THE LIGHT WITH REVEREND JEFFREY SCOTT ORRELL, ON YOU TUBE, OR JUST "GOOGLE" MY NAME IT'LL BRING YOU TO WHERE YOU NEED TO GO ,GOD...
Tampa, Florida

I get these mailers and just shred them without even looking at them cause you can tell junk when you see it. But for some reason today I thought to look at it when I set my coffee cup down on top of it to wipe the drips off the bottom of the cup cause they make good coasters. Anyhow I checked here online in the reviews and I am grateful for these reviews because I am redirected back to the...
Saint Louis, Missouri

As stated, can't work due to progressive Picks Disiese, and CIGNA rep has told me they need more definition of of the Disiese.... My 'case manager' does nothing more than say she has to go see her supervisor about this, then calls back and states the claim is still on hold until further information is received. I have sent my (3) doctors notes every time I go see them, and they all say the same...
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