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Food Stores Complaints and reviews

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Food stores are often called grocery stores. There are several specialized types of groceries. Large grocery stores offer products other than food (e.g. clothing or household goods), are known as supermarkets. Small groceries mainly sell fruits and vegetables. Small grocery stores offering predominantly sandwiches and other kinds of snack foods are called convenience stores. An average grocery, ... Show more
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Miami, Florida

On April 17 I was in your Pembroke pines it was around 3 pm, cashier was changing shifts,the new cashier was so unfriendly she didn't say hi , she made a mistake on my receipt while she was fixing she did not say a word at all, she told me the total with bad tone ,I paid, she didn't thank me, horrible experience, I know customer service in all Aldis are poor because they always scan items as fast...
Rochester, New York

I have complained before you potatoes have black spot in every one- Block spot can be caused by many thing -Black spots are not editable- this should be a corporate concern -since no one gives a *** on the local level- I don't want my money back- I want food that is editable- After cleaning the potatoes you are not getting ten lbs- Just because you give the money back does not solve the problem-...
Houston, Texas

Every week I get sucked in and download the e-coupons from Kroger including the Free Friday Download items. The problem I have is the NEVER have any of that Free product on the shelf. You have to ask an associate and wait around for 15 minutes for them to go get it out of the back stock room. This to me has begun to seem like a scam and a way to lure customers in for the good deals because most...

After being outside the territory of my formerly favorite store, Wawa, all day. Remembering it was their 50th anniversary and they had free coffee, I stopped in at 11:52 PM. The promo was due to end at 11:59. I figured I'd hop in, get my free coffee, buy something to eat, and it would be cool. Well, go figure. By the point I get to the register, after waiting for the person in front of me, I...
Lighthouse Point, Fl

Dear PUBLIX, Enough with asking for donations. I am sick of being asked for a dollar every time i go to check out it is really annoying. I don't have money to be donating to charity. How about PUBLIX just donating money from their own profits instead of asking their customer to do it for them. Every year i dread shopping at PUBLIX when they start their donation drive. I am considering just not...

What did you do to the wonderful cracker you produced in the past??? You can't spread peanut butter, soft cheese, really nothing is spreadable on a Ritz cracker anymore. They crumble or break in multiple pieces. They are so flimsy now. The old Ritz cracker that I loved was bigger and sturdier. The old crackers were so sturdy that you could give one to a baby to munch on and it wouldn't...
Overland Park, Kansas

Saturday 12th 2014,my husband wanted fried chicken wing so we asked how long for some to cool down so we could by them on foodstamps. They said 25 minutes so we left and came back 3hrs later and they still didn't have them ready. My husband found a manager ro let him know what was going on. The manager fixed the problem. Then monday 14th 2014,we had another problem but with a different person my...
Gosford, New South Wales

Nougat Limar - Coffee & Almond Nougat Found a small rock in nougat bought from bonbon.com.au. No fault of the suppliers though. Contacted manufacturer with picture of rock and nougat together, you can see where the rock was lodged into the nougat. Was contacted back by a South African male who was highly aggressive towards me. Swore at me and verbally berated me after he accused me of...
South Bend, Indiana

My wife was checking out at a U-scan register. She noticed coupons and as she was going through them a manager, snatched them out of her hand. Told her that it was not ok for her to do that and preceded to throw them in the garbage. If this is true there are surely better ways to solve this. I know we leave them behind if we don't need them, its a way of helping others out. #payingitforward Wish...
Troy, Michigan

On Sunday April 13th, at the Kroger located on Coolidge Highway in Troy, Michigan the cashier scanned free Friday download twice on only 1 item and then voided the transaction and then re scanned it, the free coupon was gone from the card. She couldn't figure out that she had only one item, and the download was free so the mistake was hers. Cost a $1.00 to keep from holding up the line. Never...
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