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Food Stores Complaints and reviews

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Food stores are often called grocery stores. There are several specialized types of groceries. Large grocery stores offer products other than food (e.g. clothing or household goods), are known as supermarkets. Small groceries mainly sell fruits and vegetables. Small grocery stores offering predominantly sandwiches and other kinds of snack foods are called convenience stores. An average grocery, ... Show more
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Georgetown, South Carolina

Food Lion should not handle any perishable food products as they lack the qualified employees to handle perishables properly. I could have died from a bad deli sandwich I consumed about a year ago. Today I enter the store and walk past the deli manager with a mouthful of labels sticking them on food products - right in front of a district manager. Same person that worked in the deli when I got...
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Save A Lot
That Manager Mister Howell touch my ***
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Shaws Supermarket
Shaws in Walpole, NH with my half Guatemalan nephew. As I was leaving I heard the cashier say my nephew who is 2 was an ugly, dirty Mexican! called twice and complained! Never shopping there again!
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

I am a life long resident of Greensboro NC, and my lineage goes back five generations. My parents, grandparents, family and friends have all been patrons of your various NC locations. This correspondence is in reference to an incident that occurred on Saturday April 19th, 2014 at store #0615. I have never been to this location, and will never be back. I was down town Greensboro being treated to...
Atlanta, Georgia

Come ON. Publix shouldn't be closed on Thanksgiving, either. After all, it's all about the food on that day. Kroger's open. Always has been. But to shutter the doors on EASTER?? Really? What are you? -- Chick-Fil-A? It is absolutely ridiculous for a MAJOR grocery store chain to be closed on Easter. Pay your employees a nickel extra, but get the doors open. I was absolutely infuriorated....

Just an fyi to all the wonderful consumers claiming "SCAM! SCAM!" Every week there are price changes. 100+ price changes. Things going up; things going down; things coming off sale. The task of changing these tags, for the most part, fall onto one, maybe two, people. Yes, mistakes happen. But calling them scammers is a joke. If you honestly believe these things happen on purpose and are some evil...

News online indicates that this employee was discharged for protecting your customers at this store from a knife wheeling shop lifter. REALLY! I have shopped your Kroger store in NYS and have enjoyed time shopping there BUT in view of this current news item I don't think I will shop at any of your stores in the future. The action of discharging this employee was uncalled for and NOT a good...
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Ingles Grocery
went to Ingles the other day & got a 12 pack of Laura Lynn waffles. 12 waffles were in an almost sealed plastic wrap. 6 weren't in any plastic. 6 were missing! I no longer trust Laura Lynn products.
Miami, Florida

On April 17 I was in your Pembroke pines it was around 3 pm, cashier was changing shifts,the new cashier was so unfriendly she didn't say hi , she made a mistake on my receipt while she was fixing she did not say a word at all, she told me the total with bad tone ,I paid, she didn't thank me, horrible experience, I know customer service in all Aldis are poor because they always scan items as fast...
Rochester, New York

I have complained before you potatoes have black spot in every one- Block spot can be caused by many thing -Black spots are not editable- this should be a corporate concern -since no one gives a *** on the local level- I don't want my money back- I want food that is editable- After cleaning the potatoes you are not getting ten lbs- Just because you give the money back does not solve the problem-...
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