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Government is the base of order in any country. Since the very past time countries and all societies have been ruled by a one or few governors, whether it was a king, a queen or a whole cabinet of ministers. There are lots of types of authority (constitutional, monarchy, democracy and many others) which execute control, motivation and punishment inside the state. Nowadays the systems have passed ... Show more
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Las Vegas, Nevada

I went to the local office because my spouse died and I wanted to report it and check on some sort of death benefit that a neighbor told me about. What I found was nothing short of a traveling circus and a strong thought that I was visiting the twilight zone. I was shocked when I got the Las Vegas office to find a line out the door. I must have stood outside for 40 minutes, one guy had a 40 oz...
Las Vegas, Nevada

What a bunch of *** that work at Social Security. They are a bunch a racist pigs.....I wouldn't be surprised if they burned a cross in front of the place once a week. The *** seemed to delight in suspending my check because of some *** reason. They act like the money is there's. Come on SSA, we're a bunch of lazy *** who can work but don't want to. We want to drink 40 oz'ers, smoke *** and crack,...
Lafayette, Indiana

I applied for Assistance at the Fairfield Township Trustee's Office in Lafayette, Indiana this month( April of 2014). I was interviewed by Kay. She told me not to worry about my Duke Energy bill when I told her that I cannot have all that she requested within 72 hours. Now their website is misleading in that clients are asked to turn in way more that what it says. What they also do not tell you...
Roseville, California

In October of 2010 I took my wife to Kaiser hospital for a kidney stone, she was sent home with a deadly infection, I was not told where she acquired it, she died 6 grueling weeks later, I held (and still do) Kaiser hospital and the doctors that worked on her responsible. The California medical board held my complaint for 8 months with no contact to me, they were totally silent as if they were...

Bryan Nutter had major ankle surgery while playing high school football. Bryan Nutter was a great high school football player but had major ankle sugery. He also underwent head exrays because of major head injury during his junior year of football. I do not understand why the navy let him lie on his medical records. Joining the navy with major medical issues is false enlistment. When he went to...
Vallejo, California

Mid-November, 2013, our condo complex (about 18 units) had our mailboxes broken into. We have to go to the post office to get our mail, after standing in line and producing ID. It has been five months. I have written to the United States Post Office online three times and each time my complaint about still not having mailboxes is forwarded to our city postal supervisor who sends me the same...

i called into the florida dept of children and families...everytime you call into a govt type agency they have these retarded incompetent hideous old black women there.. why do they hire these retarded human beings?? most of the tim ethey claim they cant hear you, they try to mess with you...they are crazy.. i called to get this hideous old black woman... rude incompetent...stop hiring brainless...
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I stumbled on the Newsmax Barack Obama opinion poll and took a minute to fill it out. I received an error message regarding my email and was told my vote could not be counted. Suspicious,using the same email, I changed my votes to all anti-Obama opinions. Strangely my vote was then able to be counted, in fact, I was able to vote as many times as I wanted. Conservatives really are desperate. I...
Bellevue, Washington

I went to a H&R Block office and they did my taxes for me.o The IRS accepted. them on the same day. They showed me the amount I was getting back and everything. It said I would receive them in 21 days, I called the emerald card to check still nothing,so I called customer service and she told me that the he bank received my check on Saturday, which was the day I called. She told me that they...

Minister of Local Government and Community Development Minister of Finance II 7th Floor Bangunan MASJA, Petra Jaya, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. tel: 082442266 fax: 082313628 email: penguangm@sarawak.gov.my ATTENTION: YOUR HONOURABLE DATO SRI WONG SOON KOH SIBU MUNICIPAL COUNCIL HAS FAILED TO ENFORCE SARAWAK BUILDING ORDINANCE 1994 for the following housing project:- Housing Project: Lot 99,...
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