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Furniture and Decor Complaints and reviews

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Furniture is large movable equipment, such as tables and chairs, used to make a house, office, or other space suitable for living or working. A figurative meaning of this word is a person's habitual attitude, outlook, and way of thinking. A lot of us have tried in vain to choose a right furniture store to upgrade the house or apartment. You can go and survey which furniture stores and ... Show more
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I ran across this company again after dealing with them over 3 years ago. I can't believe they are even still in business. I saw there website has been updated, so they are obviously still pulling this scam! I had the same experience as everyone else. They take your money, string you along with stories about delays with the manufacturer, then they just stop talking to you all together. I...

I live a lone work 9 hrs a day and go to school. I purchased a lane sofa and couch from Hammond furniture in Olean NY Oct 2010 for $1700.00. I was never home, rarely used it and it started to cave in the end of 2013. I have been calling Hammond's which i was told it probably needed new springs, and they would get back to me. After calling twice they never have called back. I contacted lane...
Payson, Arizona

Jered Love Seat is 6 mo. Old and it looks 6 years! $1400.00 for this auto recliner. The micro fiber is sagging and looks horrible. I took pictures and sent them in they informed me the warranty I bought was still good but it would cost me $99.00 to have a guy come and assess the condition of it. I gave her my debit and she said he would have him there on Sat. He would call Fri. The week end came...
Verona, New Jersey

I am so upset my mattress was defected and gave me a new one after a yr the same thing happen it sinks in the middle tow people came to my house first one said he don't know what happen sent a new guy said the bed was never put on right they will get a metal bracket and fix it they never called or came to resolve this problem...now I'm so in pain from sleeping side ways.......I TALKED TO AT LEAST...
Columbus, Ohio

My boyfriend and I went here to look at furniture for my house after having some remodeling done in my home. We should have gone to a different furniture store after the rude and unprofessional customer service I received, but I really liked the furniture I picked out. The CSR acted as if they didn’t want to wait on us. We felt it was because of the color of our skin. We also paid with a check...
Phoenix, Arizona

April 22, 2014 SUBJECT: UNPROFESSIONALISM WITH COMPANY DAMAGED MERCHANDISE Cc: Rich Boettcher VP, Robert Copeland VP, Wanda Solomon VP, Ron Roistacher VP Finance, Randi Strelitz Executive VP, Joseph Strelita Executive VP, Linda Turner Director HR, Phil Joslyn Director Information Systems, Brian Hostetler Director-Advertising, Leonard Strelitz President, Gered Fisk GM, David Brand Sr. VP TO WHOM...
Orlando, Florida

I bought numerous items of furniture from this store and have had nothing but headaches. 1. Some of the furniture I ordered back in Febuary still has no ship date 2. The furniture I recieved had defects in it, i had to get an exchange on the couch that was delivered 3. The dinning set was a disater, they actually said it was ok that my leaf did not fit with out banging it together…. when i...
Lake Havasu City, Arizona

This company is not worth dealing with. In February I ordered an "executive" bookcase. The first order was lost and is still " somewhere" in America. Wayfair ordered another one and after many weeks it finally arrived. The base looked fine until I opened a cabinet door and a piece broke off. The hutch part was in the second box. That box was a bit damaged. Upon opening the delivery person...
Plano, Texas

I purchased the mattress over the phone on 3/15/14 after seeing a TV commercial and checking out the reviews online. The price was quite a lot, ($2700) but it had a 25 year warranty and 90 day in home trial so I decided to go with it. The salesman promised delivery in 7-10 business days and said I would receive a call from the carrier when it have arrived in the area. I called the 800 number...
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