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Footwear and Clothing Complaints and reviews

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Clothing is a type of self-expression since a person considers himself as a person; he tries to stand out and to differ from the others. Clothing and footwear is a way to differ. Own style, favorite color – these are elements of self-expression. Clothing initially did not mean so much, it was just a way to cover and to warm, but clothing and footwear evolved with people, it changed, it assigned ... Show more
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Albuquerque, New Mexico

I went to the Albuquerque location. I brought in a brand new never been worn pair of air jordans, along with other expensive sandals. They bought a few pairs and gave me $20 in total. The girl put a pair of sandals in the jordan box so it felt full. I didn't notice until I got home so I couldn't get the shoes back. I can't believe this, a new pair of jordans cost well over $100 a pair. Such a rip...
Market Drayton, England

My wife ordered a skirt which arrived in no time at all. However, it was supposed to be a size 12 pencil shape but alas it was baggy on each side of the waist with up to two extra inches of bulging material. All calls went unanswered. Their man 'Harry' ignores all emails. Cost of tracked return is prohibitive to India where they are based - however they would not provide a returns tracking...
San Jose, California

We had a great experience at this store of Brroks Brothers. to be honest, I have only had great and very pleasant experiences in all stores of Brooks Brothers any time I have visited while in the US A. However, Brooks Brothers in Estero near Naples was the best of the best. This was due to a really nice chap called Mr Peter Levenson who made the whole visit a real highlight for us. Mr Leveson was...

I've been in the garment industry - both manufacturing and retail management (Nordstrom). There are several levels of "screwed up" at Boston Proper, the largest one being that the CLOTHES ARE NOT IN STOCK - even if you order within days of receiving a catalog. I have attempted to order repeatedly, only to be told that shipment may be 2-3 months away. That doesn't help me with a vacation or an...

Placed an order for T-Shirts. Was told by their online "live chat" person that the logo I uploaded would be fine. Turns out it wasn't. Placed dozens and dozens of calls to the Toll Free number ooshirts.com has on their website only to be hung up on 100% of the time or to go to a voicemail which no one seems to monitor. The live chat experience was terrible on all occasions. I've just never...

I just ordered a handbag from their website. After submitting the order, I received an error which says something like " an exception occurred error number (0)". However, I already made the payment and received an e-mail from PayPal which says you wont be charged until Lord&Taylor processes your order. My payment status is "Pending". Because of that, I am not able to use that money. So I...
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Victorias Secret
The new store opened at miami florida.rude staff and unaware of special offers

I have purchased and recommended the Men Warehouse for all my suits and formal attire. During a time of my farther funeral I want to purchase a black suit. My Elder brother wanted to make the transaction if there was one over the phone. I have prior made transactions many a times at this exact same location. Unfortunately I needed my brother to help this time and we were denied by some story of...

Shoedazzle is a complete scam - I ordered a pair of shoes 5 mos ago not knowing that I was automatically enrolled in their monthly subscription of $39.95 per month. They have been hitting my credit cards and debit cards sometimes twice a month for 4 months! I called and asked to cancel immediately and was told they would only refund 2 mos of charges even though I have not purchased anything and...
Orlando, Florida

Jessica Scamarron stole my mother's money with an 'investment' that was supposed to yield $4,000.00 per month. After repeated inquiries about this investment and to get the money back, she has failed to provide the money back. I have checked online reports and she has been stealing for years. Somebody has got to stop this woman in her tracks! She is rated F with the Better Business Bureau. Pink...
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