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It's hard to imagine our life without eating. We have to eat, in order to live! Food can be sourced from plants, animals or other categories such as fungus or synthetically grown ingredients. Besides taking food just for nutrition, it is important to enjoy the process and taste. That's why we have so many different cuisines, a specific set of cooking traditions, preferences, and practices. Many ... Show more
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Perry Heights, Ohio

I'm a vet living on SSI , I saved a extra $42 to purchase 3 sub standard delmonico's at the Massillon giant eagle . This was my birthday 4/15, we grilled them out. The marbleing was very hard, not a good flavor at all, my 84 year old mother was disgusted . It's a shame that I couldn't even enjoy a birthday steak, it's the first and last time I have Their butcher cut me out the steak I was so...
Lakeland, Florida

compre la caja de ritz cracker en wal-mart cuando abri la caja los paquetes de cracker estaban abierots el paper tenia pequenos rotos y las cracker estaban *** algo umedo las bote todas mi e mail es elsalserito_2@hotmail.com espero que algan argo por esto nunca e tenido problemas *** este produsto ok por fabor por por por por pr por por por por por por por por por por por por por por por pro...
Tucker, Georgia

Returned the carton of Butter Pecan for a refund at Kroger located in Lake City, Ga. customer rep did not know what Rancid meant. I told her to take a spoon and taste the pecans. Glad I did not swallow the pecans. Might have turned into another peanut butter issue. I will not buy another carton of Breyer Ice Crem, not even my favorite that was Natural Vanilla Bean. The Strawberry Waffle was too...

1. last year the online setup did not work well and could not redeem the promo coupons. GM did not respond to the email complaint the first time and the second time refer me to CINEPLEX. no resolve and coupons still in a drawer wasted. 2. this year the have changed the process but still a SCAM when they make it difficult to redeem. there are no availability of movie locations. 3. After spending...

Fred quoted me a price of $4,000-$5,000 4 months ago to cater my wedding on March 22, 2014. After several requests for a written estimate and/or a written contract, I was never given one. On March 2, I wrote him a check in good faith for $1,500.00 as a deposit for his potential services. He cashed the check on March 3. On approximately March 6, two weeks before my wedding, he quoted us a new...
Atlanta, Georgia

My in store experience at the location in Lenox Square mall in Atlanta is consistently one where I'm sold more than I ask for when by bulk tea or sugar by the oz./lb.on one occasion I asked for 2 ozs. And the rep weighed it at 3.7 and said "is that ok?". No it's not ok. I'm sure the reps know exactly what they are doing and boosting their sales/commission numbers. If it only happened once, then...

The hermitage location is very poor. Every time I have gone there, they were out of everything. They only seem to make them per order. Who has time to wait 15 minutes for a pretzel plus waiting in line? The staff is very rude. The one staff member commented, "I can not help it someone bought the last pretzel 15 minutes ago." I wanted to say that they could have had more made by then bud did not...

Chris Daskalakis has several websites offering franchises, he gets you to pay the initial investment ($40 K - $200 K), then gives you a ridiculous "training" and forgets all about you, giving you no support whatsoever. He has gotten in trouble with many people, and just keeps changing the name of his companies to attract new investors. He is a pathological liar, everything that comes out of his...
Smyrna, Tennessee

I had got all the way down to the bottom of the bag. I reached in and put the last few chips into my mouth. When I bit down, my teeth hit something hard and flat. It was very.painful. I think there is someone working in the Fruits plant putting objects into the product as some kind of Joke. This is not funny. My teeth still hurt and I am sure the penny had germs on it. What should I do? The...

at this particular location the breakfast food is always hard and overcooked....bo rounds are cooked too long, (hard and greasy too) and bisquits are hard as a rock. ive gotten it like this many times at this location! At another location the breakfast was awesome. This is why i know its the location that is overcooking breakfast.. sick and tired of getting an overcooked breakfast!! i just feel...
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