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Fitness Centers Complaints and reviews

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Lack of exercise and being overweight are two major health risks for people of all ages. Fitness means being in good physical condition. We often think of athletes as being very fit. They tend to focus on performance-related fitness for sports. Doing more physical activity improves your fitness and health, no matter what size or shape you are. Making small changes in your daily lifestyle helps ... Show more
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Kennesaw, Georgia

I was lied to about being able to cancel the personal training. I was signed up for it by a manager. I ONLY signed up for the training because they told me I could cancel at any time. I knew I was moving when I got married so this is the only reason I signed up. 6 months later they are still charging me for the training. There is a new manger and she told me that the contract did not say that....
Chicago, Illinois

I've been trying to cancel my membership for several days and I keep getting the run around. The facility closest to me recently closed its doors. I was told I could go to a different location to cancel my membership. When, I went (completely on the other side of the city) they told me I had to cancel at the location I signed up at, but since it was closed I could call a number. Of course, this...
Austin, Texas

I would look long and hard at the fine print around any guest passes, additional family members, group plans, and how they function. Not only was I not allowed to even try the gym for the "free week" they supposedly advertise, even though I AM A FULL TIME AUSTIN RESIDENT, I was not allowed to create a family plan with a live-in girlfriend. Surprising that it is more stringent to join this gym...
Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Downingtown, PA manager Cody refused to give a military discount for my son who will be home on leave for approximately 8 days. Cody said he'll need to buy a membership or a day pass @ $20 per day. Its rare that a company refuses to work with active duty military. He offered nothing other than standard membership options. Cody gave me the "sales pitch" of the 3 membership options. I asked to...
Manalapan Township, New Jersey

I had a problem with these guys in my youth, but even as an adult, they managed to get extra money out of me for nothing. I called for the $5 Jersey Strong promo rate and was told the offer was unavailable, even though I was within the timeframe the website announced. Okay, whatever. Then, rather than explain what he quickly wanted me to sign off on, the guy breezed through what he wanted me to...
Lexington, Kentucky

The weekday over night check in person tells me that I'm not allow to talk to him because he gets in trouble yet there are other women/men who just stand around and can talk to him for a while. I just think that's a discrimination. If one person is not allow to talk to an employee then everyone else should follow the same rule. Then again I'm not the one who comes out of the tanning bed with...
Louisville, Kentucky

I chose the $30/month option because it was the only option where you could use multiple locations. I had googled all the locations and found one close to home, and one close to work. My membership also came with access to tanning and the fitness room. My membership card didn't work for tanning and the fitness room for about a week and a half. The system was down whenever I mentioned it to Carl,...
Ruston, Louisiana

What a terrible experience. I signed up for the spin class today, paid money and was very excited about getting a great workout in. Class was about to start and the owner approached me and said I need to talk with you. I said sure and thought maybe she had some tips for the spin class. To my surprise she told me that one of her staff members informed her that I didn’t pay a guest fee the last...
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

I had a bad experience with Fitness 19 also, but more important than my story, take these steps to stop them: 1) Notify your bank or credit card immediately that Fitness 19 is not authorized to take money from your account since you tried to cancel your membership. Direct them to the many websites detailing how Fitness 19 has refused to cancel membership (see below). Your bank/credit card...
Cambridge, Ontario

My husband bought me a gym membership for valentines day! I know what your thinking but I wanted it. I tried it out for perhaps three/four months and hated the enviroment. So I asked how to terminate my membership(which comes out of my bank account monthly) I was instructed to write a letter that I did not want to be a member of the gym anymore with member id#,name, address and a reason why if i...
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