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Finance, financial institutions and services play a big and important role in our lives. They are vital to government, businesses and consumers. It's very important to have a stable financial system for every country. An economy's financial system exists to organize payments, to raise and allocate financial resources, and to manage risks associated with financing and hedging of business ... Show more
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Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Was notified from Bill Me Later that someone used our account and tired 2 more times. I was upset to know that all that person needed was ones last 4 digits of ones Social Security Number and birthdate. Bill Me Later would not disclose any information as to how this person got into my account and where the purchase was made other then Paypal. They made me feel like I committed the fraud. They...

I've been trying to pay a debt off for over 3 months now. I've had the money and have been willing to pay for a very long time. Below is what happened: Earlier last year they offered me a settlement and I paid that amount and they said that the account had been closed..now when I went to their client, Enterprise Rentals (to who I owed the money), they said that no settlement was offered and the...
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Get Your 720
I paid to have credit repaired by this company. Is the company legit?
Salinas, California

I'm not apart of wfg or associates but I must say they didn't take my money nor did I feel pressure to give them my money It seems like a legit business. I would do it if it was for me. Its not so Ill move on to the next opportunity. I think the people that quit or were expecting not to work for it are the ones on here complaining.If it isn't for you then move on. But I haven't seen any legit...
Manchester, England

Do not deal with this company and make sure you cancel with the credit card company you used to make the initial payment or the same will happen next year or at contract annual renewal. Don't fall for any promises this company keeps because I don't know of any success or testimonial of good work or refunds they have obtained - had they made any surely they would counter these poor reviews. The...
San Jose, California

Wrote check to Home Depot which was approved and got a receipt for it. Month later telecheck says that check was unpaid! What!? Bank had sufficient funds and check was cashed month ago. Now telecheck wont release hold on account. After speaking to telecheck all they want is your personal info to charge your bank account in their so called unpaid fees. DON'T GIVE your personal information to them....
Manila, Metro Manila

The payment was made in September, 6 months later they contacted me by email and said they never received that months payment. First question I asked was why are you telling me now. I said I know I made it and will email you a copy of the receipt you sent me. So I did, and now they are saying that's not good enough the need more proof? and I will be charged fees and penalties? what? People run...

I transferred money from my bank account to my Google Wallet debit MasterCard in good faith that they would apply the money transfer in a fair and prompt manner. I processed the transfer request on April 8, 2014. The amount was debited from my bank account by Google Wallet on April 9, 2014 but they will not make it available for me until April 17, 2014. THAT'S 8 DAYS AFTER THEY RECEIVED MY MONEY....
Muncie, Indiana

Me and my wife needed a little extra money so we could buy a car that we needed. Heights said they could finance us 2500 and it could be paid back in 31 installments. I sent here to get the money and sign the paperwork not thinking of interest cause her credit is a 645 and heights say they have rates comparable to the loan. long story short when we go through the paper work and see how much...

After reading dozens of Score Sense complaints, I join the angry chorus. They got me the same way: $29.95 mysteriously charged to my monthly credit card statement. I called Score Sense immediately and the rep tried to calm me down by talking about the weather. "It's beautiful here in the Dominican Republic," he replied. Maybe they can slide through the sleazy cracks by being off of our coast....
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