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Buying a car is not everything. After purchasing a vehicle you take whole responsibility for its perfect functioning. Besides, careful treatment one should provide all the possible and necessary servicing and change the expired parts. It is possible to do it by yourself. Then, it is better to apply to the companies that offer a variety of the automobile service equipment and automotive tools for ... Show more
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Boston, Massachusetts

I ordered a radio for a 1991 VW Vanagon and they sent me a radio for a 1992 VW Passat that did not work. They do not send you a packing list or receipt with your purchase...Order number is sent when purchase is completed but no option to print a hard copy. Warning - Woodfins does not respond to Email or requests through their website for information on returns or status of returns. When I...

Ordered an engine for my F-150 and guess what? Like all the other complaints, I received an engine that was not even cleaned properly, small parts were missing and the mileage is beyond what the quote originally said just based on ware and tare of the seals and gaskets. As you can imagine, I contacted my sales guy and he was absolutely mean and basically told me to buzz off. I am just shocked...

I have had a unit in my vehicle since August of 2012. It started out killing a brand new battery. Put new battery in but still have to use a charger/booster to keep battery from dying. My unit loses power while I'm driving then when it resets it thinks I am trying to start the car without blowing causing a Tamper/Circumvent violation. It then will ask for a rolling retest within a couple...
Midlothian, Virginia

Ordered a headlight assembly and was told it was Original Equipment Manaufacturer (OEM). When it finally arrived it only had 3 out of the 5 mounting brackets! Two were ripped off the assembly frame. I had to call atleast 6-times to get a status on my order and ask why I didn't receive a tracking number. Finally, after having to yell and scream, they issued me a return shipping label. Still...
Anaheim, California

Two years ago I submit bank wire amount of $10,000.00 USD to Loma Motorsports (loma-bodykits.com) since and never see single product. They tell me it shipped but no proof and will not take any more calls. This company and this owner Mario Rados is complete criminals. My goals of this complain is to help other customers from the same scam that is happen to me. My attorney is still looking for...
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I Ordered the tranny in October of 2013, got it installed in Nov. from the very first day that it got installed it was a piece of ***. Gears would switch fast from 1st-2nd. they kept saying that I was still under warranty and not to worry as long as I keep in contact with them. after being told by monster that it was the tv cable over and over again, it was not. Trans shop says theres shredded...
South Hill, Washington

I've had the exact same experience. I spent 1800.00 I've received nothing. Upon talking to Greg Mahoney all I get are lies . The company is now Raptor Engines . Just wanted to update I can't believe in these great states people like this are allowed to do business it's theft plain and simple. He's probably a meth head like all the other thieves. How Oregon state government can stand by and do...
Middleburg, Florida

I bought an Battery for my car. Two days later the cell already went. I had an 2 year warrantt. I was broke down walked to them and they told me they would have to do test for 48 hours before they would give me an new battery. While me and my new born baby would be left with out a car for two days. And our car on the side of the road. I just paid 200 for this battery. Two days prior. Was not...
Concord, California

1999 Dodge Ram 2500 Dashboard began cracking & lifting up in various places on the top of the dash about 5 yrs ago, windshield & dash cover was always in place when truck was parked. Most times we left rear wdw to bed area slightly open for ventillation ( have a camper shell on the truck ) so heat building up inside cab of truck was not ever an issue here. Today, the area right in front...

ABSOLUTELY THE WORST PRODUCT AND SERVICE OF ANY COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. I SURE HOPE NO ONE ELSE GETS SUCKED INTO THEIR LIES AND WORTHLESS PRODUCTS. THE EMPLOYEES SHOULD BE EMBARRASSED TO WORK FOR THIS COMPANY. The seat covers didn't fit, they refused to return the product. They refused to return my calls, they were extremely rude in their phone calls and emails. I am out over $500, and I...
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