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Buying a car is not everything. After purchasing a vehicle you take whole responsibility for its perfect functioning. Besides, careful treatment one should provide all the possible and necessary servicing and change the expired parts. It is possible to do it by yourself. Then, it is better to apply to the companies that offer a variety of the automobile service equipment and automotive tools for ... Show more
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South Hill, Washington

I've had the exact same experience. I spent 1800.00 I've received nothing. Upon talking to Greg Mahoney all I get are lies . The company is now Raptor Engines . Just wanted to update I can't believe in these great states people like this are allowed to do business it's theft plain and simple. He's probably a meth head like all the other thieves. How Oregon state government can stand by and do...
Middleburg, Florida

I bought an Battery for my car. Two days later the cell already went. I had an 2 year warrantt. I was broke down walked to them and they told me they would have to do test for 48 hours before they would give me an new battery. While me and my new born baby would be left with out a car for two days. And our car on the side of the road. I just paid 200 for this battery. Two days prior. Was not...
Concord, California

1999 Dodge Ram 2500 Dashboard began cracking & lifting up in various places on the top of the dash about 5 yrs ago, windshield & dash cover was always in place when truck was parked. Most times we left rear wdw to bed area slightly open for ventillation ( have a camper shell on the truck ) so heat building up inside cab of truck was not ever an issue here. Today, the area right in front...

ABSOLUTELY THE WORST PRODUCT AND SERVICE OF ANY COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. I SURE HOPE NO ONE ELSE GETS SUCKED INTO THEIR LIES AND WORTHLESS PRODUCTS. THE EMPLOYEES SHOULD BE EMBARRASSED TO WORK FOR THIS COMPANY. The seat covers didn't fit, they refused to return the product. They refused to return my calls, they were extremely rude in their phone calls and emails. I am out over $500, and I...
Anchorage, Alaska

The customer service rep became annoyed when I asked a question regarding a particular engines displacement, and horsepower, and refused to transfer me to anyone else when I asked her to do so as it was apparent that she lacked any knowledge of the products of the company she represents. Don't bother calling these guys if you have a question. They will merely blow you off. It would be nice if...
Coram, New York

I purchased a 125 cc- 4 stroke engine (308-999009) from this company in September 2012. This purchase was to replace the engine that came on the go-kart I ordered from this company the year prior. I had nothing but problems with the first engine. I got the second engine and everything seemed great. The engine has about 15 riding hours on it. My 10 year old son rides it around the yard. I...
Mcdonough, Georgia

I have been a customer of Discount Tire for over 20 years.. Today I got a flat and I changed it and took the tire to Discount Tire. The man took the tire and told me that it had a nail in it. I asked him to fix it. He replied. " the tire is toast because I drove on it when I got the flat." I drove about 30 feet after I got the flat. How can a tire get defected when it was driven 30 feet after the...
Pearland, Texas

Discount Tire has lately been enforcing a policy that they won't sell you a tire that has a load rating less than the what the manufacturer recommends. It sounds reasonable, but the load ratings they claim come from the manufacturer are bogus and jacked up way higher than they need to be. Evidently this is to sell you a more expensive tire than you need or to minimize road hazard claims or...
West Boylston, Massachusetts

I'm Violette Golden southwest engine is a terrible place to do business I order a engine with a 3yr warranty the engine I received had a bent water pump and the lifters was causing the engine to knock when I call southwest engine to let them kno they gave me the run around a couple times I was hung up on I paid $1600 for the engine with the 3yr warranty I talk to many different people from there...
Indianapolis, Indiana

I receive my item fairly quick. The 4G belt driven system has a bent shaft. The carburetor will not idle due to no idle mixture control. Contacted gas bike.net on phone number. They transfer me to tech support. Tech support is only open from 2 to 4 my time. 2 hours. 7 phone calls no return calls. Wait on phone hour and a half will not answer. No support no help. This company's customer service...
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