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Equipment Gadgets - Wi-Fi, USB, Electronics Complaints and reviews

Equipment Gadgets - Wi-Fi, USB, Electronics reviews,Equipment Gadgets - Wi-Fi, USB, Electronics complaints reviews, file complaint, post Equipment Gadgets - Wi-Fi, USB, Electronics reviews, Read reports
A gadget is a small technological object with a set of certain functions. It is often considered as an original and unusual novelty. The following demands are submitted to gadgets: portability - the weight typical gadget does not exceed 300 gram, and the sizes allow them to fit into pockets; functionality- gadget besides expected functions (for example, indication of time for hours), contains any ... Show more
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Murfreesboro, Tennessee

I had ATT U-verse installed in my home. Upon installation, I was told that I prequalify for a cell phone. Their rates were comparable to my current provider AND I was told that I could pay both my U-verse payments and cell phone all on the same bill. I'm all for simplicity so I got the cell phone. I was told that my bill for the cell phone, internet, cable, and home phone would run me $250 a...
San Juan, San Juan

my internet home wifi went of again after being off for 1 week.. this is sunday 4/13/2014 3:30 pm called tech service but on hold for 30 mins then it droped my call called agai 5 times same thing keeps you on hold then drops the call finaly got some one he said to give him a while to check 10 mins later droped the call tried several times but no luck. this company should not be providing any...
Shelton, Washington

As the title states, I bought a set of Dr. Dre's "Beats by Dres" wireless Bluetooth in black and les than two months later they stopped holding a charge. The company setup and RMA and sent me back my return set in less than two weeks. Problem is they sent a blue set. I called them up and told the customer service what happened and they stated, "we cannot guarantee that the product you get back...

For a brief period of time I was a proud owner of Roku 3. This is the latest model as of this writing, and is supposedly the best. It even has a remote control for your convenience, or so you think. I even bragged about my abilities to connect it. I was excited about all the available channels, and more to come. Then on Saturday night, it quit working. DOA. I tried everything, unplug,...

Just do not want anyone else to get stuck like I did. Dishnet DOES NOT WORK if you live in a below grade or partiallly below grade apartment or condominium. I have been trying to cancel the service for 17 months. Dish customer service repeatedly gives me a canned legal speech about the contract not being able to be broken, even though they haven't delivered the service that was promised. This is...
Geneseo, New York

In the Fall of 2013 I had a professional installer in the Rochester N.Y. area put a backup camera unit in my new Q5 Audi. What should have been a couple of hours of installation took all afternoon plus a morning the following week. The first problem was the camera unit. It came in the sealed box however it was a camera for a BMW. Luckily the installer had a comparable unit in stock. The next...
Rochester, New York

During the last snow storm, a plow mistakely backed in to our driveway, on Monday 2/17, husband in hosp suffering effects from stage 4 cancer. Doctors tried to call 2/18, no phone service, that night the internet went out. I called frontier from that day on with all kinds of excuses why we had no service, my husband is dying, why can't someone come fix this???? So angry,finally an escalation...

Yes sirs, anyways this is my complaint on whether the connection can be fixed on my Magicjack phone number! I´m tired of not being able to receive any calls but before it wasn´t like so. But I sure can dial out but my complaint has to do with not receivng any calls. After I already paid for a five year contract with you fellas know what I´m sayin, I think you´d be a bit píssed off as well. So...

Quickbooks says they don't know anything about Iyogi. Iyogi said that they take care of Quickbooks' IT issues. I don't know who anyone is these days. Quickbooks doesn't put their telephone number(s) on their own products, so how is anyone supposed to know who to contact if they are having a problem? What is wrong with our country? These big companies are ruining the U.S. and causing its...
Victoria, British Columbia

I cancelled my subscription well before the trial period ended expecting a refund. It's been over 3 months and 4 tries on 'live chat' and still nothing. There is no manager to speak to. There is no number to call. It's just live chat person promising to refund and to wait 1 month due to billing cycles. Then nothing happens and I have to repeat to the next live chat person the same info. The promo...
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