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Repairs include home repair, electrical, heating and cooling, plumbing, interior and exterior home repair, etc. As a rule, people repair their homes by themselves if they live in the country. In the city, contractors provide repair services. Typically you will be dealing with a type of tradesman called a 'subcontractor' for home repair instead of a General Contractor who hires and manages ... Show more
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The first tech came out but didn't have the necessary part even though we were able to give them the error code from the washer. We waited a week for the part, the second tech was an hour late, replaced the part. he left without testing it and the washer still didn't work. The third tech (3 days later) came out 2.5 hours late and couldn't do anything but order another part. I called several...
Charleston, West Virginia

As soon as the technician arrived he had already decided that he didn't want to replace the parts that GE had sent me. He was being paid to replace the evaporator and filter dryer on my hybrid water heater, but only wanted to replace the sensor. He replaced the sensor and broke the control board while doing it. He called to order a new one and said that it would take 6 days to get it. In the...
Saint Petersburg, Florida

***DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!*** The owner is completely unprofessional and will threaten you if you have an issue with service. We recently called adirondack services for our A/C unit, it wasn't turning on and we also needed a duct check. We were quoted a reasonable amount so decided to use this company. Upon arrival, the technician took it upon himself to attach the loose wire on our unit and...
Pasadena, California

I bought a washing machine through Pasadena Kitchen/Spencer Service in Pasadena California. I thought I was buying an extended warranty through the local company yet was sold one through NSI. 3 weeks into asking for service, no reply and repeated run around. Spencer service has repeatedly tried to do the legwork for me with NSI for which I am grateful. Be wary of extended warranty agreements...
Columbia, Tennessee

After a rock flew up on the freeway and cracked my windshield, I carried my car to local glassdoctor for replacement. That was in Dec. It is now April and the car is back for the third time to fix leaking windshield. The owner of the business has caulked it once and he has blamed the sunroof drain for the leak and has done everything other than admit fault and pull the glass out and redo it....

I have a warranty protection plan on my husqvarna zero turn riding mower and called sears for repair on march 27th was advised didn't have a date available for repair but would receive call back . I never did so called again on april 2nd and received the same run around again this time talking to Andy Williams and his manager.. promised again to get a call back but never did. Today I called and...
Kirkland, Qc

I purchased a Samsung microwave Dec. 13th.. a couple of months later it stopped working then started up again... then a month after that it stopped for good. Called them up the second week of March, that was a month ago. Service guy was here checked it and had to order a part.. he came again.. had to order another part... he came again... now a month later I am still waiting for the three month...
Denver, Colorado

Superior, CO. They came out to rip out some basement water damage and dry out some areas. While not a job that requires much intelligence (thank goodness). The guys kept going out to the truck about every 30 minutes for about 5 minutes. Each time they'd come back in wreaking of freshly smoked pot. I know this smell, it's not a smell you forget. While I have no issue with people getting high on...
Jacksonville, Florida

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Called in a claim over a month ago. I was told by Home Service Warranty that the Microwave/oven unit was no longer in stock due to manufactured in 2002. I was also told that a check in the amount of 350.00 was mailed to me so that I could replace my wall unit. I have not received a check as of this date April 6, 2014. I've called several times and told the same that the check was mailed. Due...

Full Steam Ahead (FSA) located in Myrtle beach SC was awarded the Insurance contract to replace my flooring. It is 4 weeks later and the job is STILL not done. I can think of a 'few' words to describe the people that took my insurance company's money (yours too) to 'make right' whatever your problem may be... They are IGNORANT (to the basics of HOW a job is done), ARROGANT (in that they...
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