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Repairs include home repair, electrical, heating and cooling, plumbing, interior and exterior home repair, etc. As a rule, people repair their homes by themselves if they live in the country. In the city, contractors provide repair services. Typically you will be dealing with a type of tradesman called a 'subcontractor' for home repair instead of a General Contractor who hires and manages ... Show more
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Charlotte, North Carolina

I have a new Samsung fridge. It was leaking and Samsung referred me to A&E. When I called A&E they assured me the cost would be $75. I asked several times and was told total cost for technicians visit, identification of the issue and any servicing outside of additional parts is $75. The technician charged me $175 and when I asked him said that it happens all the time. That they tell...
Blue Ash, Ohio

They blamed the problem on the paint company for poor paint. The paint company blamed Handyman connection for sub par pine wood being used on outside woodwork. In either case, the Handyman location in Blue Ash, Ohio off of Kenwood Road ignored my complaint. He ignored my call, blamed the previous franchise owner who lost the franchise, had no records of my transaction so I had to provide them. I...
Piscataway Township, New Jersey

Avoid these rip-off artists! They will overcharge you, even if you are a 'loyal customer'. I was told that because I was a loyal customer, I would get a 20% discount. Nonsense. I was charged the same as anyone else, which they admitted, and it was 20% more than I would have been charged by another installer of the same line of boilers. I was charged for things I didn't need. I disputed...
Brunswick, Georgia

Purchased brand new frig from Lowes a couple of days later freezer door warped. Called Lowes, got shuffled to just replace door, knowing I had 30 days to have a "new" replacement. Took calling corporate to get get new one (supposedly). New one arrived 61/2-7 hrs. after scheduled delivery&brought one that was dented up! That one had to be taken back& another to be rescheduled for delivery...
Cleveland, Ohio

Our business did work for Choice and they are now refusing to pay. According to Choice we replace to much and we are being denied. Contractors relations says we replace to much instead of fixing, compared to other contractors. Well if the item needs to be replaced and cannot be fixed that is what we do! We received authorizations from them on replacing and now we are not getting PAID!! They never...
South Huntington, New York

We called service for no heat at 5:30pm, at 11:00pm they said we were next. When we asked approximately how long, they said 2 hours. This is not even during a storm! Every time we need emergency service we wait for 6-10 hours! Their service stinks and I am beyond pissed! They do not understand the meaning of good customer service! I do not and will not ever recommend their service! There are...
Savannah, Georgia

We've been having issues with our Dryer over heating. HH Greg referred us to Whirlpool who called A&E to service or Dryer. The service technician looked at the Dryer and ran it and said the dryer was working fine and that there must be a clog in the vent. He proceeded to charge us for the service saying that Whirlpool does not cover the issue. We paid it by phone not being there to see what...
Phoenix, Arizona

Had Orangutan come check AC recently and two tech showed up at my house. One of them was obviously training and the other was his trainer. The trainee seemed very nice and was very courteous, but the trainer was extremely rude. Before even looking at my air handler or my condenser (yes, i'm not completely HVAC ignorant), the trainer guy immediately started selling me parts. I told him that he...

The first tech came out but didn't have the necessary part even though we were able to give them the error code from the washer. We waited a week for the part, the second tech was an hour late, replaced the part. he left without testing it and the washer still didn't work. The third tech (3 days later) came out 2.5 hours late and couldn't do anything but order another part. I called several...
Charleston, West Virginia

As soon as the technician arrived he had already decided that he didn't want to replace the parts that GE had sent me. He was being paid to replace the evaporator and filter dryer on my hybrid water heater, but only wanted to replace the sensor. He replaced the sensor and broke the control board while doing it. He called to order a new one and said that it would take 6 days to get it. In the...
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