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Education is the process of developing knowledge, skills, and character. Education can be divided into Primary (or elementary), Secondary and Higher one. Primary education consists of the first years of formal, structured education. It can be six or seven years of schooling starting at the age of 5 or 6, although this varies between countries. Secondary education consists of the second years of ... Show more
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Washington, District Of Columbia

4/17. Washington DC My company does 80 trade shows a year. I did not know which 3rd party travel group I was using and never received an email confirmation. I tried calling the hotel, Capital skyline hotel and Chase as I had pending charges in my Chase CC!!! No one could tell me! On 4/17 when the charges went through I called Chase and for 1 hour we tried to resolve the cancelation with...
Phoenix, Arizona

I called the number on the website they say to call for information. I was looking for immediate care and the lady on the phone told me they had two openings at the school. I was excited and scheduled a tour that day but upon arrival I was told there would be no openings for at least 3 months. She didn't seem to care I wasted my limited time and said the people you call on the website don't...
Denver, Colorado

Do not choose Colorado CPR Association to receive a certification in CPR or any other area unless you want to be spoken to condescendingly and treated with poor customer service. Tracy, the Director, is an unprofessional and rude individual who only knows how to recite the policies and procedures manual and does not have the business sense to understand situations that require some small amount...
Boston, Massachusetts

My son was invited in for an initial interview and an overview of the agency was given with 2 other hopefuls. He was told that if they thought he had some potential he would be called back for a second interview. Much to his surprise he was called back for an interview. The hard sell was presented at what we thought was the second interview. Few questions were asked and really no explanation...
St. Louis, Missouri

at job corps they do panels to decide what color card you should be on, blue is not good, white is bad, green is new students, red is doing ok, silver is doing good, and gold and up is doing excellent. they use assessments to rate you from 0 to 60. my problem started with that they did my panel early without telling me and they are required to tell you when they do so. so you can get your...
Whitehall, Pennsylvania

My daughter is a student at the Williamsport, Pa location. She has been harassed by a few staff members for the last few months because she stands up for herself. Other students are treated differently (better) and allowed more privileges than her. Other students get away with dress code issues while my daughter is singles out. She has loans she has been approved for that the school has not...

This is a fair and honest review of my experience with DUSTIN VICE and his company http://alliancecoachingsystem.com/. He calls himself a “A professional, top accredited Personal & Business Development Coach, advisor, and consultant”. I found out the hard way that he is not any of the above. Below is my story. I met Dustin in Bangkok October 2012 and after going through a bad year in my...

I'm so upset. I have used this website several times before and have always gotten my papers on time or a little before hand. They were b papers but I don't complain because I struggle big time in writing essays. I had two final drafts due and I confirmed with Alex that they would be here by my deadline earlier today. I tried contacting them multiple times with no response which frustrates me...
San Francisco, California

our cd has hired quite a few employees recently, and is treating the staff who has worked for a long time differently. we constantly get our hours cut as new employees need them, then on top of that they (new) are made false promises.that they shall get 40 hours. our cd does not like to step in the rooms , constantly leaves children and teachers out of ratio.our centre enrollment has gone down a...

Pretty much all of these self publishers are scammers. They want your money but they do not provide the services they advertise. Most have US addresses but are really located off shore. None of the self publishers have the desire or the capability to market your book. Most will promise you a hundred business cards and a poster and some will promise a press release. Big deal. This...
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