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Dry Cleaners and Laundry Complaints and reviews

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The dry cleaning industry provides garment cleaning services and in most cases will provide related services such as clothes pressing and finishing. The number and size of company varies within the three basic categories of dry cleaning operations. The commercial facilities are by far the most prevalent and include full service, retail operations located in shopping centers and near densely ... Show more
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Palm Coast, Florida

I had my carpets cleaned by servo pro in palm coast florida. Worst carpet clean I have ever seen, didn't even look like they cleaned it. And to top it off money that was on my nightstand is gone and my wedding ring laying right next to the money is gone as well. Worst company ever. Employes r rude and have no experience in this line of work. The owner mike is one of the worst people u could ever...
Richardson, Texas

I spent $63 on a carpet cleaning deal through this company in Atlanta. My carpet wasn't very bad, I don't have pets and I have my own carpet cleaner and last cleaned the carpet about 6 months ago. When the carpet cleaner came out, he recommended paying $20 extra for pretreatment, which I agreed to because I'm 8 months pregnant and want things very clean for baby. He also informed me about a fuel...
Boston, Massachusetts

First try calling Mac Gray Maytag....Their answering service is so choppy that you don't know which numeral to push! Seriously Maytag, is this the way for Maytag to act? My reason for writing a review is because today my laundry didn't get dried! I've been left with soggy laundry no place to hang it and I've lost valuable time dealing with Maytag's people. They will send me $4 in the next 8-12...

I called S & J Diaper service to inquire service from this "business." The woman who runs this service first answered the phone as "hello" so I was hesitent to speak to her, as I thought I had the wrong number. She was unknowledgeable about her service, what product she was using to cleanse diapers with and wasnt willing to inform me on the ingreedients in the detergent. She continued to...
Winnipeg, Manitoba

I am getting married and bought a dress used. It had a slight makeup stain on it so I took it to Perth's drycleaning to remove the stain. They sent it off to the people who do the cleaning and gave me a quote a week later. Although they did say that they could not guarantee that they could get the stain out, by giving me a quote they were saying it was a job they could do. Another week later the...
Falls Church, Virginia

My condo association has a 10 yr contract with this company. The LG machines are touted for their cost savings, but washing clothes adequately is an equation of detergent + sufficient water + adequate agitation + wash time. I complained to our former condo manager of how bad the machines were the first week. As poor as the former company we contracted with at least we had machines tht allowed...
Gainesville, Virginia

They totally ruined a brand new Polo men's executive dress shirt and would not even acknowledge that they ripped it. I have used them before and was very satisfied, but this time I went back because I picked up my dry cleaning and a brand new Polo men's dress shirt had the cuff and button hole ripped, quite a large hole that you can put a finger through (definitely would have been noticed when...

This company is not a professional company, they will say or do anything to get you to sign a contract. We had used them for the time on the first contract and then when things got a little slow we were informed to not sign anymore contract at this time. The employee from cintis says you have to there going to deduct from my commission if you don't. He then said I will come back in two weeks and...

I bought 3 of these machines for my Laundromat. We have had nothing but problems with them since the day we installed them. They all go into F26,27 and 28 errors regularly. They don't lock properly, don't drain or spin out. We had one quit and had no power and a blank display. After the distributor told us it was the CCU and the UI, we had to wait 4 and half months for the parts. But the problem...
Tucson, Arizona

So Stewart G. Macdonald,Jr CEO at Mac-Gray who makes over a million dollars year to run this company said, "“Despite a 1% decline in our revenue, we achieved higher operating margins and increased profitability in the second quarter,” How is that possible? With ZERO SERVICE. 2-3 days turn around my ***. New Contract started Dec 2012. On Jan 21, 2014 raised the washer prices from $1 to $1.25...
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