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Drug Stores and Drugs Complaints and reviews

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For several decades so far people have been curing diseases with the help of medications, pills, drops, and the like. These 'mixtures of chemical ingredients' have saved millions of lives and cured thousands of diseases. Most drugs are available in the stores and sold without the doctor's prescription. Those medications that cure specific diseases are to be prescribed by the physician only. It is ... Show more
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Des Moines, Iowa

on 3/25/2014 I received a letter from this company stating that my request for an additional quantitiy of medication was approved. I was promised my extra 30 day supply would be sent within 1 week. I still have not received it. Last night they put me on hold for over 20 minutes and no one came back, they hung up on me, and then told me that the letter I had from them (which included a case #)...
Suwanee, Georgia

One bad apple spoils the pot - I went in to pick up a prescription that was ready, and was second in line. Instead of business, the girl at the counter was having a chat with the lady in front of me (the second employee in the pharmacy was on the phone the entire time). When they finished their chat, the employee left the counter vacant as I came to the front of the *** and went to the elevated...
Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm always looking for the perfect everything... and I'm sure HCF is not perfect.. but it is for me and its been over 4 years now. My DEPRESSION is gone and I've suffered for 15 long years. I still feel depressed once in a while, but nothing like before. Its really helped change our families life for the better. I've even given it to my mother-in-law who really needed it and unbelievable results....
Coral Springs, Florida

I went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for my father who has an inflammation in his prostate I asked them to refill the metronidazole and they refilled another prescription called metoprolol. I asked him to please correct the medication and they said the other one didn't have any refills which I accept. When I called for the refill I specifically asked for the metronidazole. Whoever...
Los Angeles, California

US pharmacy has been calling me for several years now. I never purchased anything from them yet they continue to call. If I call back I get an assortment of other scams such as Walmart gift card, security, television. In every case they ask for a credit card which I never give. They have become very abusive because I will not purchase a do not call entry. In short they want me to pay 200...
San Jose, California

On multiple occasions, terrible lead management of every departmwnt, do it seams: Pharmacy, agm, coward general managers. But that's how corporate works; neverhiring someone that ccould infuriate someone of hire job holdingpower. A customer should not be screamed at, across the store, by an employee for doing nothing wrong to their understanding and forced out of the store for Un wanted...
North Bergen, New Jersey

I went to walgreens today to fill my pain prescription because my regular pharmacy was out. The pharmacist asked for my ID and insurance card, asked me several questions about allergies, have I taken this before, etc, then said he'd have to check his stock "and a couple other things". He took my ID with him. After 5-10 minutes he returned and said he couldn't fill the prescription because I've...
Miami, Florida

Ordered Peak Life Prostate Used for 2 weeks did not work Looked at my credit card statement they billed me the shipping and handling for the free sample the again billed me for an additional 2 bottles of non working pills for a total of 80.23 called told them no I did not want the sent me cancellation numbers, return authorization numbers did all and as a safety feature on my part I cancelled at...
Bellevue, Washington

I sometimes shop at a CVS located 5985 Tropicana in Las Vegas, NV and the store manager Terra is very rude. She talks down to customers and her employees! I once saw her being very mean to a young lady who was using coupons, she called her 'hun' in the most condescending manner and be littled her about a simple misuse of a coupon. The other girl who was cashiering mouthed 'sorry' to the couponing...

As everyone here, I was duped by their free trial. When you call, they will insist they never offered a free trial. Don't let them get away with that. Here is a break-down of their script: 1. Convince the customer they didn't read the fine print (there was no mention of $80 anywhere in the add or e-mails) 2. If still angry, offer 35% refund 3. if still angry, offer 50% refund 4. if still...
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