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Drug Stores and Drugs Complaints and reviews

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For several decades so far people have been curing diseases with the help of medications, pills, drops, and the like. These 'mixtures of chemical ingredients' have saved millions of lives and cured thousands of diseases. Most drugs are available in the stores and sold without the doctor's prescription. Those medications that cure specific diseases are to be prescribed by the physician only. It is ... Show more
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San Jose, California

On multiple occasions, terrible lead management of every departmwnt, do it seams: Pharmacy, agm, coward general managers. But that's how corporate works; neverhiring someone that ccould infuriate someone of hire job holdingpower. A customer should not be screamed at, across the store, by an employee for doing nothing wrong to their understanding and forced out of the store for Un wanted...
Miami, Florida

Ordered Peak Life Prostate Used for 2 weeks did not work Looked at my credit card statement they billed me the shipping and handling for the free sample the again billed me for an additional 2 bottles of non working pills for a total of 80.23 called told them no I did not want the sent me cancellation numbers, return authorization numbers did all and as a safety feature on my part I cancelled at...
Bellevue, Washington

I sometimes shop at a CVS located 5985 Tropicana in Las Vegas, NV and the store manager Terra is very rude. She talks down to customers and her employees! I once saw her being very mean to a young lady who was using coupons, she called her 'hun' in the most condescending manner and be littled her about a simple misuse of a coupon. The other girl who was cashiering mouthed 'sorry' to the couponing...

As everyone here, I was duped by their free trial. When you call, they will insist they never offered a free trial. Don't let them get away with that. Here is a break-down of their script: 1. Convince the customer they didn't read the fine print (there was no mention of $80 anywhere in the add or e-mails) 2. If still angry, offer 35% refund 3. if still angry, offer 50% refund 4. if still...
Conway, Arkansas

After attempting to locate a nasal spray product on my own for about 10 minutes, I approached the pharmacy tech to ask for help. He told me a location, but I misunderstood. I found an end cap that had the product tag and price, but no boxes of product. I asked the manager for help and she told me it was on an end cap. That was where I had been. My husband also asked for help. She was rude...

I Placed and order, my card was immediately debited as is the usual case, Despite many attempts with online support and many emails assuring me they are escalating the matter to management....I am still awaiting their promised refund for an order that was never delivered. ...support@bmpharmacy...offers an automated response that says they will get back to me...this is not true! I have today sent...
North Naples, Florida

The Rn Amanda camp overcharged us and she did not see me x one minute . She prescribes meds without an evaluation. The clerks are the same they overcharged me. They must be audited for ripping off people. I heard other patients complaining x the same issues like mine. They forced you ti buy their products that are over priced. This place needs ti be severely sanctioned x malpractice abd hipa...
Woodbridge, Ontario

My dear friend, an elderly lady ordered some products from this company. She cancelled her order before the check was cashed because her doctor said the products wouldn't help her. She asked for a full refund which they promised. They ended up cashing her cheque, and over the last 2 and a half months she is still trying to get her money back. They are liars. They keep promising to put the cheque...

This product may be great but the company is a scam and if anyone like myself has never received the product in the mail but has had over a hundred dollars deducted from their account. I think we need to talk starting a class action suit. It has been nearly a month and I was told 3 weeks ago that there would be an investigation into why the money was taken out and where it was. Now when I try to...

I went in to the Dunedin store to pick-up a non-narcotic medication, I gave the clerk my name, she looked in the computer again, repeated my name and said "No Good." I informed the clerk of the medication's name and respelled my name again for her, again she looked in the computer, repeated my name and said "No Good." At this point I showed the clerk the text message on my phone confirming the...
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