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Drug Stores and Drugs Complaints and reviews

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For several decades so far people have been curing diseases with the help of medications, pills, drops, and the like. These 'mixtures of chemical ingredients' have saved millions of lives and cured thousands of diseases. Most drugs are available in the stores and sold without the doctor's prescription. Those medications that cure specific diseases are to be prescribed by the physician only. It is ... Show more
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Livingston, New Jersey

This company has got to have one of the worst customer services I have ever dealt with. I paid for the product, I never received the shipment. I have left numerous emails. I finally got a reply saying they would refund me the full purchase price. They still havent actually refunded me. I have since opened a dispute with PAYPAL. I will never order from this company again. I am so thankful that I...
From mobile #483894
I purchased the product on April 5 and have not even received it in the mail they charged me the s/h and then the 99.99, what kinda business does that what a scam give me back my money.
Panama City Beach, Florida

I was due to get my last 90 days of 3 prescriptions. 2 of 3 of my prescriptions were not sent. I called to check on them and no still can tell me why they weren't sent. They put through an order to send and changed my address at the same time stressing the fact that they be sent to new address. 5 days later they were sent to the old address & returned as they must not allow forwarding. I...

This company is a shame. I was unable to return a shippment that appeared at my door at my complete surprise and they keep charging me for this month after month. Its a ripp of scam at its worst. I tried to talk to the customer service and they were rude and unhelpful. DONT BUY THIS PRODUCT EVER!!! This company is a shame. I was unable to return a shippment that appeared at my door at my...
Chicago, Illinois

I am not speaking now about mistakes and omissions done by mailing order department of CVS company (which is a separate subject). Recently, I received from CVS mailing order department the prescription drug, without my request for this. The problem is that I had not yet used a previous portion of this drug. Not only I did not need the new bottle yet, I was about to change the prescription. It was...
Tampa, Florida

After signing up with Arriva, waited two months, no supplies, just promises. Changed to a different company months ago, Arriva still calling me trying to sell me products. Also getting tired of talking to non English speaking sons of *** from outside of the USA for needed information and products. What else do I need to say, this country is going to *** due to that half breed muslim SOB in the...
Oxnard, California

They offered our family a $500. gift card after She was horrendously ill for almost a week. Needless to say my wife turned them down. There Pharmacy is a mess over there, and now she can't even step foot In the doorway without an anxiety attack and that was after a month of no contact and trying to charge her again for the correct prescription. They need to step up to the plate and do something...
From mobile #483806
Colon Cleanse Premier
Responded to Dr.Oz on facebook for free offer for colon cleanse, just pay $4.95 shipping. Didn't see anywhere about the charge of $77.86. Canceled my credit card so no more charges would come up.
Portland, Oregon

Dr. send in prescription go to pick up pay 86.00 for generic. Put patch on and see that it is the generic that I became allergy to. Went back to FM and was told that since I had not been there since 2011 they had no knowledge. Well common sense would be to ask some questions not just my birthday. I was told that they automatically fill generic even though not asking the consumer. I checked with...
Madison, Wisconsin

I a married working mother with 4 kids 9, 12, 15 and 19 and am currently on my 2nd month / bottle of 90 capsules of HCF. I started noticing an improvement in my "word find" issue, as I call it, after about 2-4 weeks. Before that, for the past 3-5 years, my conversation has not flowed without having to pause uncomfortably for several seconds trying to think of the word for things like toast or...
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