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Driving School Complaints and reviews

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Any person nowadays must have driving license and should be capable to drive a car. In order to get the first driving lessons people apply to driving schools. Here a person can get basic skills of driving techniques, city driving road, and freeway driving with an extensive experience in driving techniques, as well as to learn traffic and roadway signs. A good driving school should allocate ... Show more
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Rochester, New York

The teachers rarely return your phone calls and don't do a great job teaching in anyway. Netts is a very unprofessional environment. They want you to sign up and take your money it seems. They treat you like your not an adult and give you a hard time for running a few minutes late. There are good people that work there but they just don't know how to run the organization. It will be a big waste...
London, England

Its a perfect *** company, not professional at all. They tell you that they would call you in 24 hours or the message we get think it as confirmation. The driver calls up and says i cant make the appointment tomorrow. They can cancel anytime. Not professional very rude, and hopeless. this service only a foul gimmick company can give you.. I am sure with this attitude of sudden cancellations you...
Brockton, Massachusetts

I am a current female student at the Bridgeport location. I will say that most instructors are very pleasant and very helpful. there is one instructor that you females need to watch out for is gus. he is a slime bag and all he is there for is to meet female students and tries to get them to bed with them. he has his head so far up the directors *** that he gets away with whatever he wants. I am...
Enfield, Connecticut

First off have the people who put bad reviews online most likely where the ones not going to school every day...I went to school every day and put in good effort. The same guys that didn't show up for school where the ones *** about road time...guess what your not there when the teacher calls your name YOU DON'T GO ON THE ROAD...I did the short course!! And I passed first try....I hear story's...
Brady Lake, Ohio

Synopsis This complaint will attempt to portray an accurate discription of the various forms of treatment received at New England Tractor Trailor Training School. The treatment varies between the different races, genders, ethnic groups, and social class. Instructor Attitude and Persona with respect to their world views 'Coach' - Recruiter selling Nettts, will be friendly and inviting to get you...
North Andover, Massachusetts

I said that my complaint was about North Andover campus and when I submitted it, Hamden came up what a bunch of crooks. Current student dont want anyone else to waste their money going to this ultimate waste of your money. There must be some other schools that will treat you with respect, care whether you succeed and willing to help you change your life for the better. I am so disappointed. ...
Hampden, Massachusetts

I am still going there. The class room was way too long and exhausting. The instructor was ok. When you get to the field it is all based on how much they like you. They don't instruct you, they treat you like they are doing you a favor. The Federal government wants you there until 12:30. They leave you hanging an hour earlier. They don't explain anything when you go on the road. They rush...

It seems that (S)CAMrider have amassed quite a reputation for two things. One is to lure novices into taking the CBT with them by creating fake positive reviews. The second is to take more than 2 learners on a CBT test, with the intention of sending one or more home without completing it, having already secured their fee, since apparently it is illegal for one instructor to take more than 2...
Boston, Massachusetts

The whole reason I went to new England tractor trailer school was because they offered job placement. I was told "although we don't guarantee a job there is a shortage of drivers in the trucking industry and we offer job placement and you will have no problem finding a job" I was clear with them I was looking for a local driving job and they made me feel like I should have no problem finding a...
Indianapolis, Indiana

After answering an ad for truck driver with paid training, I talked to a recruiter and signed up. I drove 900 miles to Indianapolis. I was placed at a Holiday Inn Express. I was put with a room mate who left after 1 day. I was then switched from room to room, room mate to room mate. The hotel manager treated the C1 students with disdain. We were warned to not hang around the front of the hotel...
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