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Loans and Mortgages Complaints and reviews

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Every time there is a need to borrow money person faces an option - to go to a mortgage broker or to work with a direct lender. Many people choose to work with mortgage brokers or direct lenders depending on their individual situation and needs. A mortgage is a lien on a property/house that secures a loan and is paid in installments over a set period of time. The mortgage secures a person's ... Show more
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Charlotte, North Carolina

Have not had loan with Litton in years, yet still on credit report, many attempts to contact have not been able to. Company is a joke. Can't contact thru phone always busy, can't contact thru web site will not connect. Do not understand how they can do this and continue to stay in business, once the mortgage was with someone else should have been taken off credit report as being paid. Most...
New York City, New York

I bought my home in 1995 my brother is my co-signer but he's listed on the account as the head signer. My husband was in an accident and I had to have surgery but we still didn't miss a payment I tried to request a extension but could not because my brother had to be the one to make the request because they have him as the head on the account he does not speak to me anymore because they harassed...
Fort Worth, Texas

Cenlar turned me into a collection agency and docked my credit score after I "missed" payment by one day. They claimed my ACH was a day late but it is automatic so this is totally false. They also claim they called and warned me twice yesterday, but they never called. I asked them to show me recording of call and they could not provide it. Caller id on my phone shows no call and no message. They...
From mobile #483848
The Branch Manager at 35th Ave and Bell in Phoenix is horrible. She does not even know what customer service means and the corporate office plays dumb like they don't know anything about it.
Coral Gables, Florida

What is wrong with BayView Loans? I have tried to clear up bogus late and other fees that am constantly being charged from BayView Loans even when I show they received and cashed my payments prior to the due date. I've submitted proof to their customer service and research department without any resolution. They also assess something called a "Corporate Advance Adjustment" fee which I have...
Fort Myer, Virginia

Terrible service, incompetent and unprofessional. We were assigned a mortgage broker and a loan processor; we can't reach either one of them. Even with our excellent credit histories and a 20% down payment, the process is taking over three months now. They tell us one thing will be done this week, two weeks later it's still not done, and no one picks up their phone when we try to follow up with...
Orlando, Florida

The amount of the monthly payment is $130 more than the contract. Bayview is billing me for some phantom amount that they won't explain. They get a payment, cash the check and then don't post it for 10 days in order to add a late fee. They have done this 4 times. The most frustating thing about all this is that there is no one to fix it. I programmed my phone to call their customer service every...
Fort Myers, Florida

Ft myers fraudulent broker leah st Keller William elite"rip_off by broker leah. They scam you. They harrass you calling youLeah is making nasty comments about blacks and Hispanics leah is violating realtor laws.do not use her as realtor nor as a listing agent x your housr.never hire mrs leah at Keller William elite she is very dishonest woman. She makes discriminatory comments about black,...
Troy, Michigan

I applied for and received a loan at a local AA store. With in 4 hours I started to receive call to my cell phone and email for loan approvals, some of the numbers were from Russia. I submitted a complaint to AA and there rep said these sound like online scams and they don't operate that way. I pointed out they must have sold my information and I have not heard anymore from AA since. Avoid this...
Hyattsville, Maryland

It's amazing, the number of complaints I've read on this site, about MGC Mortgage. I knew I wasn't the only one, but to see SO many people experience what I've gone through...it's a crying shame that MGC is still in business. I, too, have been through the wringer with MGC, LNV-Movant, and Dovenmuehle. Early in 2011, my husband had injured his knee while on the job, and was out of work for...
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